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Tips on how to 'divert' student radicals

GOOD MORNING FASCISM!!!! | 25.09.2005 11:49 | Education | Repression

"Glees and Pope make a number of recommendations including the screening of student applications, having a constant police presence on campus, reviewing all course content to check it doesn't harm national security and the close monitoring of students societies"
Phil Chamberlain in Big Issue North Sept 19-25 (586)

Whilst tomorrows trial of the George Fox 6 ( and the frogmarching of Middlesex Universities SU President off campus last week ( worrying trends, a report by Anthony Glees and Chris Pope, due to be published on Monday 26th September, indicates that Ruth Kelly's call for Universities to "clamp down on extremism" is set to give rise to new levels of extremism amongst the Vice-chancellors of British Unis.

Needless to say, sweeping measures such as those proposed by Glees et Pope, will very swiftly be used against other student activities as well.

"When students turn to terror" (

Federation of Student Islamic Societies response: (

Mainstream Media links:,15935,1571610,00.html



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