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G8 Day 2: Thursday 7th

imcistas | 07.07.2005 04:51 | G8 2005 | Repression | Social Struggles

After a long day on the streets [Personal Accounts: 1 | 2] the people that slept at the eco-village awoke to being surrounded by police on the second day on the G8 meetings at Gleneagles. The police stated they had no intention of invading the eco-village, but were concerned about "more disruptions". People were barely allowed to leave the camp all day, with police only letting small groups out at a time if they provided personal information. The police used Section 60 as justification, effectively halting movement from the eco-village. By five pm all actions from the camp had been cancelled and there was consensus to not resist the blockade today, although at times tension rose high as people demonstrated in front of the police lines. However, the anarchists did challenge the police to a football match and claimed victory when the police did not play.[Pics of Eco-Village 1 | 2 | 3]

Meanwhile in Edinburgh, prisoner support actions took place in the early afternoon at Saughton prison near Haymarket station accompanied by Seattle's Infernal Noise Brigade. There was also a spontaneous prisoner support rally in front of the Sheriff Court where at least two people were arrested [pics]. More solidarity actions are planned for tomorrow Friday 8th July. [Prisoner Support Statement | Wombles targeted in Glasgow police operation]

In Glasgow, six people locked down to Weir Pumps, one of the first companies in the UK to win contracts in Iraq. On the other hand, and following explosions in the London tube today, bomb threats were also made and responded to in Edinburgh.

Full Timelines of Events:

Ecovillage timeline | Edinburgh timeline | Glasgow timeline

Cops watching the crowd
Cops watching the crowd

In an attempt to prevent protest in Scotland, police have surrounded the Stirling Campsite - the Ecovillage - and have been searching the car park and surrounding area using torches. Meanwhile, demonstrations against the G8 are continuing elsewhere.

A demonstration in solidarity with those arrested [legal update] took place at 15:30 outside the Sheriff court in Edinburgh. The police seized upon the opportunity to make 2 further arrests in a provocative way, and the demo was broken up. Another solidarity action is sheduled for tomorrow 8th July -- 3:30 to 4:30 outside Saughton jail, 33 Stenhouse Rd.

Breaking news

17:00 Stirling/Ecovillage: Police are preventing actions from the Eco Camp. There is consensus against resisting this today. The anarchists have challenged the police to a football match, as the police failed to turn up the anarchists claim victory.
16:05 Ecovillage: No-one allowed to exit or enter into the camp because of illegal demonstrations. Police in woods are surrounding the camp, even if there's no appetite for violence from protestors.
15:50 Glasgow: All eleven people accused of conspiracy who went to court today have had their charges dropped.
15:17 Ecovillage: Police are preventing protestors leaving on a march for prisoner solidarity. No permission has been given for the march.
14:20 Ecovillage: There will be a silent passive march leaving Stirling camp at 3pm and marching to the courthouse.

Full timelines

Ecovillage timeline | Edinburgh timeline | Glasgow timeline



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