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rampART newsletter with indian film festival programme

rampart | 09.01.2005 22:20 | Free Spaces | Indymedia | London

Download and print the latest rampART newsletter for a programme of this weeks indian activist film festival and a list of coming events during january and february.

some extracts from the newsletter...

10th – 16th January 2005

The rampART is hosting a week long festival of contemporary documentary films from India. Grouped around themes of social and political issues, made by accomplished and dedicated filmmakers, this festival brings to London audiences documentaries that are rarely seen, inside or outside India, with the intention of creating spaces for debate. Disturbing, impassioned, humorous, inspiring and controversial, these films provide a glimpse into some of the most difficult challenges facing Indian society.


All films begin at 8pm, except for the midday showing on Saturday 15th. The films will be followed by a public discussion of the issues raised. Entry is free, donations welcome.

On Monday 10th, there’s a screening of Suits And Savages – Why the World Bank Won’t Save the World, an exploration of a Global Environment Facility funded eco-development project carried out in Karnataka and the adverse effects it had on indigenous people there. Plus – Five Years On, an update on the situation in the previous film.

On Tuesday 11th Lesser Humans looks at India's caste system through the lives of manual scavengers in Gujarat and The Die Is Caste examines how violence rooted in caste conflict has led to the emergence of radical left wing groups in Bihar.

On Wednesday 12th - Burnt But Not Defeated follows the efforts of women across Karnataka, who when attacked with acid, choose to challenge patriarchy at various levels. When Women Unite documents the amazing success of women in Andhra Pradesh who campaigned against the government supply of alcohol to their villages.

On Thursday 13th - Is Small Still Beautiful? The age-old way of life for India's tribal people is vanishing fast, together with their land, as the authorities seek to "consolidate" smallholdings. Development At Gun Point highlights the plight of Adivasis (indigenous people) in Orissa who, faced with forced evictions and violence from the state and the multinational companies, unite to offer fierce resistance.

On Friday 14th The Tales Of Night Fairies - Five sexworkers in Calcutta - four women and one man – provide personal and musical stories about collective organization and prostitution.

On Saturday 15th at 12pm, War And Peace - patriotism and nationalist fervour sweep the country as India gets another nuclear bomb. Buddha Weeps In Jadugada describes the price being paid for India’s nuclear dream by adivasis in the country’s only uranium mining site. Passengers tells how in the years after the massacres in Gujarat, ordinary people struggle to regain normality.

Saturday evening from 8pm, In The Name Of God focuses on the Ayodha dispute – in which a 16th century mosque, that some Hindus claimed was built on the birthplace of the god Ram, was destroyed, sparking nationwide riots that claimed thousands of lives. Gujarat, A Laboratory Of Hindu Rashtra- examines how Muslim villagers faced a backlash of violence and hate against a background of political parties using religion to further their aims.

Other events coming up soon...

Sat 5th Feb - Peace News Party An afternoon & evening of music, poetry and magic with acoustic acts, bands, DJ’s, a peace quiz and lots of vegan-friendly nibbles and drinks - to celebrate the new-look Peace News. The lineup includes poets Penny Rimbaud (Crass), Will Holloway and Paradox, singersongwriters Leon Rosselson and The Rub, bands Nayfumble and Walking Wounded & DJs Sexy Rubber Soul and ParadigmX. FREE but donations welcomed!

Sat 15th Jan - Adbusters creative meet up Planning and ideas exchange for setting up a london adbusters.

Sat 22nd Jan - Swallow It III Gated Community Presents: 'Swallow It III': A night of Poetry, Noise and Visuals. Copies of The Polka Dot Ceiling #6-Poetry For The ****ed-on sale on the night. Donation not aggravation.

Sat 29th Jan - The Creative Swing
An incredible night, mixing the art and creativity around the theme of food. There will be food present, probably dancing and definitely being eaten. Tasty food, silly food, world food, creative food, vegan food, organic food, slow food. There will be people talking about food, playing food sounds, viewing food scenes in their mind and on the screen, dressing food up and down, photographing food, recite odes to food and cooking!

13th to 18th Feb - Conscious Fashion Week
A DIY alternative to the posh london fashion week going on at the same time.Featuring a look behind all that glamour and pomp. introducing to less fab issues like environmental damage, sweat shops, child labour, finance, eating disorders with talk/discussions/screenings. Also practical stuff with recycling clothes to diy fashion from head to toe (millining, sewing crocheting, knitting, screenprinting, cobbeling) in workshops and the use of alternative materials like hemp.Last but not least, food and entertainment and reclaim the catwalk!

18th - 22rd Feb - Kartoffelkopf, an experimental audience-activated sculpture. Starting from a provided ‘bare base’, visitors are invited to attach objects they have found or created. Inspired by the Mr. Potato Head toy, the object will grow and sprout ‘features’ during the five day event.

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