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Dublin May Day charges thrown out of court.

Mark | 12.11.2004 13:49 | May Day 2004 | Repression

All charges against Polly Murphy and Joe Girardi are dismissed in Dublin trial.

In Ireland it is illegal to squat but it is also illegal to be homeless; this is criminalisation of the poor.
The trial of Polly Murphy and Joe Girardi at the Four Courts in Dublin on the 10th November 2004 was the continuation by the State and Gardai to criminalise and victimise those that stood up to show their resistance in May of the expanding Europe of control and inequalities. Both Polly and Joe were imprisoned for 8 days during Mayday and were forced, due to their bail conditions to remain in Dublin separated from friends and families. They were made victims of media sensationalism and made scapegoats by the State in an attempt to justify draconian and military tactics deployed during Mayday.
On Wednesday 10th November 2004 at 2pm in Court 46 all the charges against Polly and Joe were thrown out by the Judge. The belligerent and oppressive Gardai failed to make any of their charges stick. They were ridiculed in the witness box for having no evidence whatsoever and no idea as to what laws they had been acting under.
Thirty people were arrested during Mayday, many of whom still have to sign on at police stations and many of whom are still being dragged through the courts. These are extreme control tactics. Because of this system and oppression many people are frightened to stand up and plead not guilty. They are being bullied by the Gardai to plead guilty to make it easier on themselves. All Mayday related charges should be dropped now! Wednesday’s farcical trial of Polly and Joe is an example of the amazing support that is there for victims of state oppression. 60 people cheered from the public gallery as Polly and Joe walked free and the Gardai scuttled away with their tales between their legs.
Only a short distance away in another court a Gardai was standing trial accused of assaulting people with his baton at the 2002 Reclaim the Streets. Together we can expose the lies, brutality and corruption which seek to support the



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12.11.2004 18:14

Thats great news, big congrats to Joe and Polly as well as everyone whos been supporting them and everyone we fought and partied alongside in Dublin! Heres to Euromayday 2005 next year!


Nice One - But Shows How Nasty They Are

13.11.2004 19:41

This is great news :))

It really shows how draconian the authorities are and what political policing is all about. Banged up in prison for EIGHT DAYS and prevented from protesting. Then with outrageous bail conditions for months and months and months.

If they've got the stomach for it I hope they sue the authorities.


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13.11.2004 20:11

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