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Demonstration against assault on Fallujah tonight!! (Tuesday 9th)

(richarddirecttv) | 09.11.2004 10:18 | Oxford

Vigil tonight - Tuesday, November 9th, at 6 PM on Cornmarket Street.

Dear Friends,

American ground forces, supported by the Black Watch and aided by an
intense aerial bombardment, launched a horrific ground assault on the
Iraqi city of Fallujah under the cover of darkness Monday evening.
Initial reports indicate an attack of horrible brutality and a
bombardment of the "shock and awe" magnitude not seen since the
initial attack on Baghdad.

The courageous people of Fallujah appear determined fight this illegal
and immoral assault on and continued occupation of their city by all
means at their disposal and at whatever personal cost. Past experience
has shown them that the US forces care little about civilian
casualties, but that is the price many are willing to pay to overcome
imperial domination by the Americans. Oxford must support them in
their resistance by opposing this unconscionable act of aggression and
by continuing to press the British government for an immediate
withdrawal of its troops from Iraq, an act which would further weaken
the Bush Administration's standing in the world.

We must register our objection to this latest round of American-led
brutality now!

The Oxford Stop the War Coalition is calling a vigil for Tuesday, Nov.
9, at 6 PM on Cornmarket Street. Please join us in our support of the
people of Fallujah and opposition to the continued occupation of Iraq.
Bring candles, posters, etc.

And please spread the word so that everyone can come out and show
their strong support for the Iraqi people.

See you on Cornmarket tomorrow (Tuesday) at 6 PM.



Oxford Stop the War Coalition



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