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Pictures from the E.F.C.R. and IMC center

zcat | 20.10.2004 17:12 | European Social Forum | Cambridge | London | Oxford | Sheffield

Indymedia Center at the E.F.C.R. pictures of the indy center and indy demo London Oct 2004 the band that played on friday night and the Samba band on the demo.

The indymedia media center was a great success, over 70 computers were networked to run off 4 servers running a linux operating system.
there were computers in the bar, with a bunch set up in 2 media rooms and also 9 terminals for the dispach room, to update the uk site and co-ordinate the reporting of actions and demos.
Also machines for editing audio pics and video.
it was a great experience, a few hitches along the way but overall an amazing success :)
Big shout to all the uk and international collectives who participated in the imc center
WE ROCKED !!! :)

dispach_room_ready_4_action dispach_room_in_action media center internet_bar another view of the bar indymedia stall merchandise on stall the main hall with a panel dissusion under way
On friday nite a fantastic band played in the IMC center to close the day dont know what they were called but that didnt matter at the time . We just boogied on down :)
pics of the band that rocked (or hiphoped)
band with projections band2 band3
moving on to sundays demo and the Indymedia block with very impressive banners photos taken by Ionnek
indy banner (( i )) block international (( i )) block (( i )) flag (( i )) journo hands off us !
support came from many groups the most colourful were the samba bands
samba band pink and silver conductress DANCING !



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