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Photos from the anti-war march at the end of the ESF.

Paul O'Hanlon | 19.10.2004 11:11 | European Social Forum | Anti-militarism | Globalisation | Indymedia | London

Here are five photos from the anti-war rally at the end of the ESF and one of long time campaigner in Parliament square, Brian Haw. The photo of Brian and his display was taken on Saturday 16th October which was day 1,229 of his 24/7 vigil in the square.

Crowd gathering in Russell Square
Crowd gathering in Russell Square

March going over Westminster Bridge.
March going over Westminster Bridge.

Crowd in Trafalgar Square
Crowd in Trafalgar Square

George Galloway in Trafalgar Square
George Galloway in Trafalgar Square

Brian Haw (resting) with his display in Parliament Square. Day 1229!
Brian Haw (resting) with his display in Parliament Square. Day 1229!

Here are 5 photos from the anti-war march at the end of the ESF.

Paul O'Hanlon
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ho de hum

19.10.2004 13:15

here we go again, the usual "march from A-Z" as its sometimes called. frankly, if a march of million cant stop the whole war, then one of 1/10 the size after the event (locking stable doors and bolting horses if ever there was a case) will certainly achieve nothing.
No, my labour-party-supporting socialist friends, if you REALLY want to stop a war, you organise a STRIKE in relevant sectors of industry, not parade your religious ethics en masse. perhaps you people dont want to stop this war at all, perhaps because THAT might endanger your careers which depend on a labour regime in power.
of course, horrid commander Blair could have been pulled up as early as 2000, when the FUEL TAX protesters mounted an astonishing attempt at such a strike, mostly first-timers with no previous political experience. They put the professional socialists to shame, frankly. doubly so, because when they should have headed straight down to hyde park to help them out, they sat on the sidelines, sneering at what they considered to be the wrong sort of people, falsely accusing them of all kinds of sinister motives.
next Mayday protest in 2001, i saw a taxi driver yelling "where were you last year ? why didnt you turn up then ?" at least i could look him in the face and say i did.

heidi high

what a surprise

19.10.2004 14:16

More crap from the trots. Media whore Galloway wheeled out for a speech from his RUC hideaway. Loads of Blair must go from the swippers...

and what did it achieve apart from easing your concious?


wake up

19.10.2004 15:48

It hardly seems worth replying but here goes…. socialists / trots / lefties (call us what you will) recognise that marches alone will not stop imperialist wars but they play an important role in raising demands, bringing different groups and people together, applying pressure to the those in power and increasing the profile of campaigns.

Ultimately we will have to go on strike and rise up on mass… however this will not happen over night. All we can do to hasten that day’s arrival is try to and built a mass movement that involves as many people as possible.

One thing is for certain….anarchists chucking things will not help bring it closer nor will sitting in a gloomy squat complaining about the trots.

red tom


21.10.2004 12:42

The only impact the Anarchists could have on the ESF was by staging tiny violent actions.

This is a symptom of their complete political isolation and weakness.

The events they organised around the edge of the ESF were poorly attended.

As a result of this political isolation they resort to violence upon the majoirty. Sick.