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ESF Saturday

IMC uk | 16.10.2004 12:03 | European Social Forum

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Livingston Speech Stopped

Saturday evening, around 250 to 300 grassroots activists made their own free entry to the official ESF and denounced the ESF organising process from the stage of the main plenary. [ Full Feature ]

Other Actions

The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination, a samba band and clowns worshipped consumerism [ 2 ] outside Selfridge's. Ladies and gentlemen were out in London “counteracting the vulgarities of everyday life". The Backwards Intelligence Team were out highlighting the FIT police surveillance. And for Anti-McDonald's Day activists unfurled 'McSlurry' banners. [ 2 ]

In the morning there was police surveillance of where people were staying [ 1 | 2 ]

Schnews at Indymedia Space

Afternoon SchNEWS held a conference "How Direct Action Can Save the World".
Active, popular opposition to oppressive rulers has been the force of change throughout history. A popular event showed, how to get involved, organize, plot and discuss resistance to the onward march of capitalism.

Beyond ESF

Sessions included: Ethical trading and Caterpillar, working in autonomous communities of Chiapas and The VOICE Refugee Forum London. Everyone coming and going from the event in Tottenham was subject to police surviellance [ Report ].

raising banners
raising banners

IMC uk


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Protesting against ESF is not allowed

16.10.2004 18:05

It will be very difficult for any group to leave the Tottenham site and go to protest at the main ESF site, because police will stop them leaving and, if any manage it, will prevent them arriving at Alexandra Palace. Apparently the security there are very unpleasant too.

Ken is not only sponsoring ESF, but also controls the police in London. What freedom of speech? ESF has sanitised protest; made it safe for those protested against.


Not allowed eh?

17.10.2004 12:04

Protesting against the ESF is not allowed?? Questioning is not allowed. Accept the view of the leadership without question. Do not try to use your own initiative. Follow the leader. Follow the leader.

Or ...

Look at the newsire to see what can happen when people organise themselves.

d mish