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Guineapigs, grave robbers and .net

bobby | 12.10.2004 21:51 | Animal Liberation | Repression | Technology down, concurrent with big press interest

Just now (22.40, Tuesday 12 Oct) is not available.
It's the site of the Save The Newchurch Guinea Pigs campaign.

For the last 2 days the mainstream media, especialy the Daily Mail, has been covering a story about the body of an old lady being disinterred and this desecration of a grave being blamed on animal rights people since the deceased was related to the owner of the facility which breeds guinea pigs for experiments.

I looked up the campaign web site since i thought they would have something to say on the story and it's suspicious that the site is down.

Its topical too since indymedia's current attack from the FBI and others, but I'm not suggesting a link.

Maybe someone from the Save newchurch guineapigs could post on here if their own site is unavailable?

I did notice that has the same owner as another site which is still up (when i looked about 1800), but i'm not technical enough to draw conclusion from that.



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