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RTS Party Pics - Dublin EU / Mayday Continues...

imcuk travelling circus | 03.05.2004 16:19 | May Day 2004 | Free Spaces | Globalisation | London

Party kicking off now in dublin :-)

rts in full swing...
rts in full swing...


moving off
moving off

the only good system is a....
the only good system is a....

sound system :-)
sound system :-)


free papers
free papers

fluffy masks....
fluffy masks....

back to the party!
back to the party!

First quick pics...

The media this morning in dublin had headlines like Mayday Mayhem II and Anarchists / Wombles Planning Revenge Attack In City Centre Today!.... blah blah blah...

Anyway back to the party!

(NB this computer has no image software so can't turn the pics the right way up sorry!)

imcuk travelling circus


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I have the technology in my head that built the Great Gazebo.

03.05.2004 16:50

so I can readily incline my head to either left or right,
and look at these really welcome happy pictures,
of RTS Dublin looking tranquil, relaxed, coming down off
the terror hormones weekend.

Not only that, but being aware that the Great Gazebo
was also a physical construction, I may pick up my
computer monitor and place it on the appropriate side,
and look at these really welcome happy pictures,
of Diversity, Fun, Reclaim, and somehow, wonder,
... couldn't May Day have been like that?

And then, I think, enough of these contorsions,
I'll neither incline my head, nod or bow,
niether pick up that toxic TV screen today,
just like relax, and chill it out,
and later on tonight, I won't see photos of the van,
un-noticed and un-hindered drive away,
nor will I read reports, and feel the urge to respond to
reports in either the Irish or Other Media, independent or corp.
of "my little babies" being a battered whilst they disperse.

This of course will be quiet phenomonal for Ireland,
But is about time they started being phenomonal.

Next year? oh yes... Shostakovitch.

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image software

03.05.2004 16:52

no image software on computer?

I guess no indy reporter should be without trusty cdroms or usb keyring.

I reccommend a copy of TheOpenCD free software to run on MS windows
which contains GNU Image Manipulation Program
version 1.4 out very soon with latest versions.

Also a copy of Dyne:bolic cdrom where one runs the OS and apps direct from the bootable cdrom.
This includes software setup to stream audio.

I send a few copies of bootable gnu/linux cdroms over to be given to people at indymedia centre. Pity I did not make more up to be available and pity indymedia centre not open more.

Also perhaps one day we can have the web application (MIR) that runs IMCUK do rotation on images, but many other modifictions to do first.

- Homepage:

Dublin Reclaim the Streets - Breaking News

03.05.2004 17:00

Dublin Reclaim the Streets - Breaking News as they happen here:

remote updater

'fluffy' my arse.

07.05.2004 15:28


I'm the girl in the mask halfway up. Just because I'm not in black uniform doesn't make me 'fluffy'. I was watercannoned with the rest on Saturday night, pink tshirt and all. What does that prove? Nothing, except that wearing bright colours doesn't rule out participation in direct action.

Up with carnival, down with cliches,

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Oi Fluffy!

22.05.2004 18:06

it said "fluffy mask", nothing about the lass underneath it ;) judgement intended!