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Dublin Reclaim the Streets - Breaking News

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Hrere there are the news as they arrive from today's Reclaim the Streets in Dublin.

- 4:00pm: This is it! :-) The sound system has just been set up out of that blue van. Music starts to a huge cheer at the junction of Talbot Street and Gardiner Street lower.

- 3:45pm: The crowd has now stopped at the bottom of Gardiner Street. Some police have approached a blue van and people started to chant "let them go!".. Eventually the van has made its way to the middle of the crowd.

- 3:30pm: The crowd has now set off taking to the street. Athmosphere is good and the crowd are cheering.

- 3:15pm: A few hundred people are gathering at the top of O'Connel Street, the starting point of today's RTS. Some people are drumming, and a small bicycle group has just set off.

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