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Cardiff Film Screening Sat 24th April

la la bo | 18.04.2004 20:43 | May Day 2004

CAN present the first Cardiff screening of Spanner Film's documentary

"Drowned Out"

Critically acclaimed at film festivals across the globe, Drowned Out
tells the story of an Indian family that chose to stay at home and
drown rather than make way for the Narwada Dam. Featuring bestselling
author Arundhati Roy as she joins the struggle against the dam and
asks the questions that the dam builders don't want to hear.

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Hot off the presses, the European Newsreal #12. Featuring half an
hour of up-to-five-min video clips from grassroots and independent
film makers from all over Europe promoting and empowering groups and
campaigns working towards positive social change.

For further info:

All this AND the best company you could hope for on a Saturday night -
Cathays Community Centre, Cathays Terrace, Cardiff, Sat 24th April, 8pm-11pm, £2 admission.

Money raised will go to the Dublin Mayday Fund.

la la bo
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