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April Fools Stories

imc-uk features | 01.04.2004 01:21 | May Day 2004

April 1st: Several spoof stories appeared across the Indymedia network on April Fools Day. Here the story was "Mayday Cancelled! Tony Blair's government has decided to ban the 1st of May..."

Other April Fools spoof stories included George W. Bush and Richard Cheney resigning, Corsica becoming a huge EU Deportation Centre, a global coalition of anti-GE activists preparing a hostile take-over of Monsanto under the slogan "Don't hate the corporations, buy them!", and reports that ltd was in merger talks with the CBS/Viacom News Network.


Surprise Government Announcement! Quite literally, this year, there will be no Mayday.

In a surprise announcement, Tony Blair's government has decided to ban the 1st of May. April will have 31 days as opposed to the usual 30 and May will formally start on the 2nd. During the hurridly convened press conference last night the Prime Minister said, "Due to recent protests, demonstrations and marches disrupting the center of London and the City on May 1st by anti-globalisation activists and unions, we have decided to do away with the day and hopefully it will be just like any other working day" The Home Office will be sending out instructions to all businesses to adjust their calendars accordingly and has banned all marches to do with Mayday - as there won't be one. The unions, who will be hit hard by this, have yet to respond, but a government spokeswoman said "I'm sure they will understand the reasons for this measure". George Bush has fully backed the proposal saying he would "take up the idea and run away with it."

This was, of course, an APRIL FOOL... Don't believe the media, be Indymedia

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Bush & Cheney Resign!
Washington- Last night’s surprise announcement from the Whitehouse that both George W. Bush and Richard Cheney are stepping down from office sent Washington wags into a tailspin of confusion and controversy. Both Republican leaders have been under fire recently for mishandling of the so-called War on Terrorism and their actions with regard to the 9/11 tragedy

Taking over Monsanto: Biotech IMC
Under the slogan "Don't hate the corporations, buy them!" a global coalition of anti-GE activists has decided on a new strategy in campaigning against genetic engineering and is preparing for a hostile take-over of Monsanto, the world's biggest producer of GE crops...

Corsica becomes EU Deportation Centre
Last weekend in Bruxelles, the EU foreign ministered pushed repression against migrants and other foreigners further in their effort to build Fort Europe. In an effort to control migrants, it was decided to use the island Corsica in the Mediterranian Sea as a central deportation centre by 2005. team in merger talks with CBS/Viacom
George Soros, CEO of ltd has begun merger talks with the CBS/Viacom News Network to help bring together the Vibrant Staff of the Independant News Network with the resources and Global Consumer Reach of the CBS news network. This follows a meeting of the IMC Board of Directors and key Indymedia shareholders where it was decided that Indymedia needed to branch out from its traditional Liberal readership demographic to encompass more mainstream news interests and readerships....

Passionate Tellings of Truth...

It has been brought to our attention that some of the "facts" in the above stories may not represent the exact truth in all particular details. However, we have decided to leave them here for a little longer to see whether we can find out the truth. We will archive them in keeping with our commitments to Open Publishing (plus, if any of these things ever happen, we'll be ready).

Or as John Cleese, Minister of Silly walks put it: "A really good idea is always traceable back quite a long way, often to a not very good idea which sparked off another idea that was only slightly better, which somebody else misunderstood in such a way that they then said something which was really rather interesting."

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