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Update On Anna Scher Campaign

The Very Important Troublemakers | 20.03.2004 02:27 | Education | Indymedia | London



Since the removal of JP Steven Dawson by the masses another old witch has taken over as chairperson of the Anna Scher Theatre Board of Directors (PAMILA TAYLOR) "no relation to Liz thank goodness" This person is no Spring Chicken and at the age of 73 isn't it about time she retired?

Unfortunately due to the Royal Mail's closures of post offices Pamila Taylor is unable to walk the hundred or so miles to the next nearest post office to collect her weekly entitlement, maybe some of you nice people out there can do a collection for her to get herself another broom stick which will make travelling for this old witch simpler?

Meanwhile the new classes are going very well for the founder of the Anna Scher Theatre in Barnsbury Road, Islington.

The new location and space is known as the Anna Scher Theatre in Exile anyone wanting to join should contact the office of the old theatre for the address by calling ABBIE on 020 7278 2101 but watch out she's nasty to nice people.
Good Luck to Anna & Co.

This posting has nothing whatsoever to do with the friends of Anna Scher Campaign so don't bother them or we'll make your lives a misery, to everyone else it's time to make your choice either stay at the dying decaying discriminating theatre in Barnsbury Road or have a fresh start at the new improved Anna Scher in Exile theatre.

To all those who betrayed Anna (You know who you are) If you had any decentcy left you'd all walk now.

The Very Important Troublemakers