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Dublin Grassroots Network - Mayday No Borders weekend events

redflaremist | 19.03.2004 20:26 | May Day 2004 | World

Line up of events in Dublin over the Mayday weekend

Friday April 30th

CRITICAL MASS began in San Francisco in 1992 and has since spread around the world. Join us for this celebration of non-motorised transport, as we take a leisurely tour of the city streets, on bikes, skateboards, pogo sticks, or just on foot.

Saturday May 1st (daytime)

BORDER CONTROLS STREET THEATRE: Welcome to the official day of the new Fortress Europe. Warning: You may be subject to stops by one of the Dublin Grassroots Police Network who will be patrolling the city in the morning. Experience the full reality of Fortress Europe with ID & background checks, verbal harassment, intimidation, and possible imprisonment without trial if you do not measure up to the strict criteria.

BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS: During the war on Iraq, many private and state businesses supported the transport of murderous arms and US troops through Shannon Airport in Ireland. This action will make the public aware of who they are by painting the streets and footpaths around their premises in blood red colour. No war should ever be supported for profit.

WELCOME THE BOAT PEOPLE: Many asylum seekers and refugees attempting to breach the Fortress Europe barrier do so in boats and ships. Upon detection, they are often sent back to their country of origin. This time however, the people arriving by boat will be welcomed. No human being is illegal - everyone should be free to travel and live where they want without fear of persecution.

HOMES NOT JAILS: Dublin expands, swallowing up the countryside. Rents skyrocket and house prices are beyond the reach of many with average incomes. The number of homeless people sleeping on the streets rises every year without any action by the State. Yet all around the city are derelict buildings, crumbling into the ground. This action aims to highlight this appaling situation by occupying one of these buildings and transforming it into a living space.

PUBLIC BEATINGS STREET THEATRE: Europe is reverting to old-style policing and jailing policies. Rather than look at what causes crime and dealing with problems in society, the State increasingly utilises prisons (often in terrible unsanitary condition) as a way of sweeping the issues under the carpet. How long before the stocks and gallows make a return? Today's the day. Come along and watch true medieval punishment methods.

THE POLLUTER PAYS: The message during the recent anti bin tax campaign was to tax the polluter. Is the public responsible for waste when companies release their products in layers of unneccesary packaging? How much waste is produced by heavy industry that is not recycled? This actions will be encouraging everyone to bring their recyclable packaging back to the the businesses that produce it.

RECLAIM THE CITY: The idea of the "common" or public space is rapidly disappearing from the city, as rich and powerful individuals claim it for private personal use. This action will temporarily reclaim a part of private land, and open it to the public for a picnic and games in the May sunshine.

Saturday May 1st (evening)

BRING THE NOISE! The EU Ministers dine in the opulence of Farmleigh House on Saturday evening at the expense of the Irish taxpayer. We intend to march to their doorstep and disrupt their dinner, to show them that we do not agree with their vision of Fortress Europe! Bring pots and pans, bells and whistles, horns and drums to generate the biggest noise possible. May 1st is historically a day for the ordinary people's wishes to be heard. They have chosen to ignore us but they cannot keep it up if we scream and shout.

Sunday May 2nd

NO BORDERS, NO NATIONS - NO BORDER CAMP: Join us as we set up a No Border camp on the 2nd day of the new Fortress Europe. We are not against the new ascension states citizens coming to Ireland - we think all refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants should be allowed to travel here, regardless of origin, ethnicity, or background. The No Border camp will be open to everyone. Activities will include workshops, discussions, teach-ins, planning for the future, as well as music and food.

Monday May 3rd

NO BORDERS RECLAIM THE STREETS: The only party worth joining in town! Reclaim The Streets happens again on the May bank holiday to wind down the weekend. Unlike the State's street party, everyone from around the world is welcome to come to Dublin for this, not just those that satisfy the demands of Fortress Europe. Expect music and dancing, drinking and face painting, a day for all to come and enjoy a vision of the Europe that we really want.

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