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Euromayday 2004 Preparation meeting report

javier | 08.02.2004 15:22 | May Day 2004 | Social Struggles

January, 31st, 004 - paci paciana - bergamo (italy) Various subjects and realities from different parts of Europe have met to better define the idea of an initiative on precarious workers and condition, through the organization of a euromayday 004.

The fact that people gathering in bergamo were not representative of their local structure and processes, led us to propose a method and an february agenda of local meetings and initiatives, and transnational gatherings, with the aim of activating a network that could begin to promote and build the euromayday 004 from march on. The cautious attitude we decided to have has its origins in the different context existing in the various national situations (italy-catalunya-france) participating to the meeting and in the fragmentation concerning local debates on "precarious workers/condition", as well as the attempt to stress the unwillingness to strain local processes already being defined, while focusing on the work-in-progress process of building and collective identity and symbology, and common initiatives. From the will to melt these differences and from the respect from networked autonomies we have tried to think a possible schedule of approach to euromayday 004, spanning february and defined by local initiatives to deepen the understanding of the proposal and by transnationl meeting where various converging ideas of situations, organizations, subjects and collective will be analysed and where it will be possible to understand out the resource of "local diversity" can be used in the warm-up of the mayday and the mayday itself.

The need that becomes proposal is a continued and united process, a daily and shared mechanism. The proposal sees Barcelona and Milan as metropolis to contaminate and the use of a "multiple front attack" to raise european precarious workers voice and to make it visible. Milan and Barcelona are different context : while in Albertini's Milan we see the negation of political and social debate space, the "zero tolerance" Rudolph Giuliani style attitude, in "progressive three-party system" Barcelona we find the integration of conflict in the institutions: we merge a repressive policy as the one we find in milan to a reconstruction of political institutional power as in Barcelona. In may Barcelona will see the beginning of the "Cultures Forum / FORUM 2004", an 4-month event wracking havoc on barcelona through a huge urbanistic and social impact that the event will bring about and is already bringing about : speculation, exploitation of precarious workers, selling out of cultures and cultural activities. THe event has already been renamed "Fuck 2004" by catalan people and movements, that are already joining forces to fight against it , having already endured a similar process during 1992 olympic games in the city

The process we propose has the ambition to create a precarious work network with the stregth of developing a new identity and symbology that will become visible on may 1st 2004, representing an important aim towards the estabilishment of social networks and the development of new forms of conflict, effectively increasing the chances to defend people and social rights, a task that traditional organization have failed to achieve. The time, space and method we chose and that still are far from the first of may want to be possible means to recombine networks and act in a distributed fashion

The tools we propose to use are:

- 1 local initiatives : in barcelona several situations have been working on a cartography of precarious condition; they are organizing a place that will be able to develop analysis and activities on the different topic of the precarious condition (territory, income, labour) and "precarious offices" growing up in different neighbourhoods; there have been a lot of debato about how to organize the next first of may as something different and breaking with the last years traditions, creating an autonomous space. In milan we are organizing the festival for Saint Precarious Day on February 29th.

- 2 subscription

- 3 agenda Agenda: - 3/4/5 Feb Clermont-ferrand Coordination meeting of "Intermittent du spectacle" - 11 Feb Paris Meeting about the "media treatment of social movements" - 22 Feb Barcelona Meeting with Barna social movements to talk about the euro mayday 004 - 1 march in zenith auditorium in paris Social Chaos and meeting with french social movements to talk about the euromayday 004 Proposals: - transnational video contest on "precarious workers and precarious condition" - realization of the board game : PRECARIOPOLIS - self-investigation group

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Mayday EU meeting in Dublin

09.02.2004 12:15

Discussions around the Euromayday project could also include the EU summit taking place in Dublin on May 1st 004. This will also be EU enlargement day - the day many Eastern European countries will become 2nd class citizens of the EU.

see this post for more details:

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