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Mayday 2004

gary s | 20.12.2003 17:43 | May Day 2004

mayday 2004 site info?

I was doing a search and came across this ( its mirrored on a few different hosts. One of them's on This has got ads and stuff on but the other sites I've lost the addresses seem to be variations on this ( without the ads ) - what's the score?

gary s


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things to do list for mayday 2004

20.12.2003 18:07

I dont have a clue about the smash and grab thing but the point is that we need to start getting organised, i don't have a clue what the ACF/AF/AYN/etc... are doing but whatever happens we need to get our affinity groups together. One important thing is that we need to link what we are going to do in london with our own cities and communities.
We will need stuff like legal support, info on where the target buildings are, propaganda and much more. If we are not prepared then the pigs will run rings around us like last mayday.


I've got a great idea

20.12.2003 22:41

Lets get long poles and loads of ribbons, dress up and have fun.

Maybe go out in the countryside, get off our heads and have an orgy in the woods.

Here's to a real mayday.

You can keep your cat and mouse games with the cops.

When we want to do actions or smash up the corporations, isn't it better to do it in our own time with the element of suprise. There are 350 odd other perfectly good days (and nights) in the year. Lets use them.


April fools...

21.12.2003 04:54

Absofuckinlootly. Yes its in our hands whether we get sucked into a familiar trap. Creative, fun, inspiring actions are required. Get back to other ideas such as guerilla gardening, only slightly more covert. Or Carnival...Pagan stylee, . Anything but processional samba into police cordons.
As a crowd the individuals increasingly give up the defined constraints and definition of personal. individuality is stripped as the person moves with the crowd, becomes the crowd ...Awesome potential stored within. Groups of three, four and five can easily weave a massive maypole of creative destruction around thecity/west end. Fluidity and adaptability are our weapons against rigid structures of authority. Faceless action highlighting Defy i-d and the campaing against i/d cards..?
love to all peace warriors this solstice
let there be light...
O.I.L @ Eros 14/2/04 (calling from Venus!)

bean flicker

Another Idea

21.12.2003 07:15

That is a good idea; but if it does have to be in London, why not have a massive and visible entirely-aimed-at-the-police mayday? They are the part of the system that we have direct contact with, all day, unlike the targets we try and aim for. Let's have them turn out for their very own public humiliation and make it impossible for them to deflect the reasons why. At least this way we get a crack at the target. If mayday gets any more ridiculous we may as well go morris dancing in wiltshire.

juliet bravo


22.12.2003 09:05 thing that has struck me recently is how easy it is to stop traffic by climbing up a crane/motorway gantry - as admirably demonstrated by fathersfor???? (cannot remember the actual org.) But a few well placed people up the proverbial will halt traffic and then the rest of us can cause mayhem!!!!!


what will ACF/AF/AYN do for mayday 2004

22.12.2003 09:45

I know what ACF/AF/AYN will do for mayday 2004, the same as they do for all maydays and all actions and demonstrations in the UK, FUCK ALL EXCEPT TALK SHIT AND WRITE SHIT !
It belittles the term Anarchist to connect it with these groups who comprise of old has beens (or never beens) and poncey rich kid lifestylists. If the UK Anarchist movement has to rely on these for progressive actions then its fucked!

state hater
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Experimental reality

22.12.2003 11:21

Perhaps that prank of aaron barzack finds useful make an appearance of different sign (no fees). look out for previous coverage of the event before Day-D. Last summer I read some posters' comments regarding previous cat and mouse play: they had them then at the door 24/7 in an exercise carried out with snouts on the ground. Ask in The Guardian, but to other major news bulletin in the country too for the current campaign on mass propaganda from June on. there was an intelligence wing of the CIA in the 20th century dedicated to underpin potential propagandists among the Arts and Culture (i.e. re. Pierre Boulez): Now it is factual.

Switch off T.V.

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Mayday discussion meeting - 18 Jan 04

22.12.2003 14:39

There is an upcoming discussion meet on 18 Jan 04 to discuss possible mayday activity in London.
I think this is the 3rd such meeting, apparently so far nothing is planned for sure, there may not even be a formally organised event in London. Gonna depend on interest/involvement.
Meeting is at 2 - 5pm at LARC, 62 Fieldgate St, London, E1. There are some flyers around for this but ain't seen em myself yet.


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what i am doing for mayday

22.12.2003 21:37

i am going to be going on an anti-militarist line this mayday, aimed at army recruitment centres. It will involve disrupting their workings and chucking red paint etc.. on them and macking a noise (and mess) inside. Because i am based outside london i would appreciate some sort of map with possible targets (corporate buildings arms trade army recruitment centres etc..). I will be also disrupting the goings on in my local corporate/army buildings so if you are in sheffield watch out!
About the ACF/AYN/AF/etc.. i think i was being a tab naive earlier, the only public school boy anarchist i have ever met was when i was in london and bought the black flag from one of the poshest people i have ever seen let alone 'anarchists'.
By the way anti-militarism is relevent and i am ashamed by the StWC and peace movement, they had an ideal opportunity to get an anti-militarist backlash against the government and army but they failed. why? because john prescott was able to go on national TV and thank our troops openly and list the conflicts they are/have been involved in. Instead there is a right wing back lash against the peace movement by the government and the electoral sucesses of the BNP and the racist backlash against assylum seekers (among others).