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Bu$h moves North - Friday 21st

imc-features | 21.11.2003 22:48 | Bush 2003 | Anti-militarism | Globalisation

Bush burns at Angel of North. The north's opposition to Bush's state visit was apparent before he even left the capital. Late on Thursday protestors let Bush know he's not welcome.

Bush travelled to Sedgefield, Co Durham to Blair's home consituency. About 500 protestors assembled on the village green to greet Bush (accompanied by 1,200 police officers). The authorities kept Bush and his welcoming party well apart. The ChasingBush website posts a compilation of protestors' reports.

Some, like hundreds of thousands of others in London and elsewhere the day before, were glad to see Bush on his way.

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Where has Chasing Bush gone?

23.11.2003 21:18

After following the progress of Bush for days on Chasing Bush, I'm suddenly getting an 403.6 Access Forbidden or not authorised or something. What's happened to the site?

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