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Bush has left the Country! Celebrate!

Don't Come Back! | 21.11.2003 18:02 | Bush 2003 | London

Bush has at last left the country after eating some fish and chips.

I for one am going to kick back and celebrate tonight.

The issues of course have been deadly serious, made all the more poignant with the loss of life in yesterday's bombings.

There has however been a massive amount of creativity and good humour put into the protests and I think everyone involved can be pleased. Yesterday was an amazing day. Even today hundreds of people turned out to unwelcome the toxic texan.

My favourite thing from the whole visit?
- Has to be the stunning quotes from Laura (Mrs) Bush yesterday:

"I don't think the protests have been as large as predicted."
"We haven't seen many protests, but we have seen many American flags and people welcoming us."

Don't Come Back!


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Sad bush

21.11.2003 18:19

I think we can have a Laura,laura,larfs at her ludicrous comments as she high tails it
back to the states with the sound of the biggest weekday protest in UK history ringing
in her, and the chimps ears.

Pity they didn't take Bliar with 'em. Or that the toxic texan didn't go back on his
toxic ships. (there's a lot of icebergs around this time of year.)


These are a few of my favourite things

21.11.2003 18:22

The sign that said:

"You say Potatoe, We say F*ck Off!!"

(okay, not 'cos i'm anti-american, just 'cos it's so funny!)

Also that god awful tent thing they built in front of the palace to welcome bush, all it needed was a giant illuminated MacDonalds M above it :-)


Your Gain, Our Loss

21.11.2003 18:40

He should have stayed with you guys longer. We get enough of Mr. Whistle-ass all other times of the year.



22.11.2003 01:26

GL thank you!Hi friends in Uk! Celebrate, you have deserved
it.GL you gave me the right keyword.-Iceberg-
On the other hand the hometurning of chimp is no reason to be happy.Think about our friends in Amerika; the poor ones. Bear in mind, Bush and Blair are only instruments of
the global elite and worldwide imprialists, sitting all over the world. So it happens
there is coincidentally a rhyme: Bear in mind,
now Bush and Blair
don´t about people ( or peace) care

I propose to send all these greedy persons not to
the Isle of Elba
" " " St.Helena both too small

Arktis too close(nearby)
but to Antarktis! Do you think the imperialists are able to colonise the pinguins, learn them to work like slaves and fight against each other, after separated them in different zones(with own flags and religion) and feeded them with media-propaganda? Parts of Germany`s "Green Party" could be responsible for environment and police to garanty the oppression. TOO DANGEROUS! Therefore freedom and peace for these fine animalfriends.Refused! Another proposal: Freeze them as "oetzis" in waterblocks(icebergs) there! Dangerous too, you say?
What do you think?



So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye!

22.11.2003 03:34

Good riddance to this man. I hope the world has seen some of the truth about the feelings of the people versus their government.

My favourite thing has been the cross messages of support from Miami FTAA to this island dealing with Bush - mirrored by the joint solidarity statements of stop the war coalition and one of the ftaa groups.

The fight for global justice will no doubt get harder, yet as our communication grows we will find strength in our common struggle. Thankyou indymedia for informing me - only through sharing stories and information can we progress towards any common understanding and any common future.

Global Solidarity!