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Bush has left the Country! Celebrate!

Don't Come Back! | 21.11.2003 18:02 | Bush 2003 | London

Bush has at last left the country after eating some fish and chips.

I for one am going to kick back and celebrate tonight.

The issues of course have been deadly serious, made all the more poignant with the loss of life in yesterday's bombings.

There has however been a massive amount of creativity and good humour put into the protests and I think everyone involved can be pleased. Yesterday was an amazing day. Even today hundreds of people turned out to unwelcome the toxic texan.

My favourite thing from the whole visit?
- Has to be the stunning quotes from Laura (Mrs) Bush yesterday:

"I don't think the protests have been as large as predicted."
"We haven't seen many protests, but we have seen many American flags and people welcoming us."

Don't Come Back!