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Barclays Bank - The Sons of robbers & mass murderers still reap the rewards

Justice | 05.08.2003 15:42 | Liverpool

The Barclays brothers who established the bank - made their first millions out of the slave trade - shipping millions of Africans from the west coast of Africa to the caribean and the Americas - they were chained to the walls and floors of ships, the journey alone cost the lives of a third of them. Working the rest on plantations until they died of exaustion. These people should be exposed. Now they run Liverpool Littlewoods. see below.

THE multi-millionaire Barclay brothers, who last year took over the Liverpool-based Littlewoods business, have commissioned a biography to lift the veil on their notoriously secretive lives.

Sir David and Sir Frederick Barclay, both 69, have a business empire worth £650m but have gone to extraordinary lengths to guard their privacy.

They are rarely inter-viewed or photographed, and conduct their affairs behind the closed doors of their £60m fortress-like home on the small Channel Island of Brecqhou, near Sark.

The biography is to be written by Lord McAlpine, the former Conservative treasurer.

In addition to Littlewoods, the brothers have extensive media interests in Scotland.

Some people estimate that around 100 million africans were taken from Africa. How come the people who made their millions from this mass genocide - are still free to exploit and make millions. Instead of being presented like some tye of heroes.



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05.08.2003 15:59

You have to seriously wonder about some of the people who use these pages. How on earth can the Barclay Brothers, who have just bought Littlewoods, have founded Barclays Bank, which was established in the 18th century? They are two of 10 children born to a Scottish travelling salesman and his wife in a house in Hammersmith, west London, which they shared with several other families. Have you ever stepped outside your own front door - try using Google!!!????

Paul Edwards

All bankers are wankers

05.08.2003 20:58

Don't 'all' bankers just get rich from the money people put into their banks? Let's not forget Barclays and their love affair with apartheid in the 80's either ... . Keep your money out of the banks ... It only makes them more rich.



05.08.2003 21:12

What are you going on about CW? Do you not understand that the Barclay brothers are only in their late 60s and not 250 years old? No wonder people laugh at these pages...

Paul Edwards

Obviously I dont think its the exact same brothers

05.08.2003 21:48

My word do we have to explain every little detail - of course its not th same barclays that build their empire on slavery - it was their forefathers but the power and money has been passed through the generations. The point being - like the Nazis in theory should have been stripped of the wealth they made out of the enforement of the slave labour of the concentration camps - so these millionaries should be stripped of what their forefathers stole of others. People generally accept that slavery was inhuman and should never have happened - well there has been no reperation - stolen wealth has been passed on through generations.

'You would not know that these markets had once been the slave markets. The place were every year tens of thousands of the beaten, the broken, those who had survived the journey were dragged off ships, forced in chains on stands, while the elegant, the cultured, the fashionable bid for them like cattle. Separating wives from husbands, lovers, brothers from sisters, families, friends. Forcing most into fields, to work until they died or were crippled, and those who rebelled? Whipped, mutilated or killed. It must be remembered that even today penance alone doesn’t equal justice. Behind every curtain of every colonial house, behind conversations at long dinner tables, behind gentleman’s talk of development, import, export, commerce, behind after dinner singing in drawing rooms the smart knew, that some see through the setting of house and field black against each other. The smart knew the threat of Denmark Vesey , of fire, pillage, revenge, justice, the smart held the image, the heartbeat, feared the potential of another St Domingo another Stono Rebellion, another untamed Denmark waiting in the night, when dreams have silenced some, and nightmares awoke others, to burn the whole town to kill all it’s white inhabitants. These thoughts and more, many hoped were quivering in the hearts of all who profited from this 400 – year holocaust.


I Love the banking system ... It turns me on ...

06.08.2003 00:15

Cops are fun, they stop you stealing from banks, banks are fab, they look after all my pretty pennies, pennies are ace, I buy bubblegum with them from the cool slot machines, machines are lovely, because they're the same everyday, the same old programme .... and that's what I like ... keep on banking buddies! Keep on wanking too! Domination is such a turn on!

Paul Edwards (Cop Licker)

Modernity and industrial revolution financed by slavery

06.08.2003 05:45

The whole of the industrial revolution and therefore modernity was financed by slavery.This inhuman and barbaric trade to give one example supplied cotton grown in the slave states of the USA,and shipped to the cotton mills of Manchester.Capitalism is a malignant parasite that exploits and degrades humanity.The history of Barclays Bank is only one more example of this.


thank you red

06.08.2003 10:25

Mr edwards didn't even read the title that startred this debate. For he would have known. He seems like a pretty sad and empty individual.
We gotta destroy capitalism and start building alternatives.


The Barclay Brothers have nothing to do with Barclays Bank

07.08.2003 09:20

Barclays Bank was founded on the profits of slave trading.

But the Barclay brothers, poisonous men though they are, only share a name with the bank.

Indyquality control

Quality Control???? I beg to differ

07.08.2003 12:24

The people who set up barclays bank - their exact first name I do not have at hand - but they too where the Barclay brothers - Llyods was esablished during the same period.

I think the clear info will be in Walter Rodney's 'How the West underdeveloped Africa'
or Eric Willaims ' Capitalism and Slavery'
You could also find some of this info in the work of Paul Gilroy.

A mere apolgy is not suffice - justice must be done.


Im Confused

07.08.2003 14:57

first i thought that i was against the banks lloyd and barclays though i cash my giro in at lloyds so i will have to sweep that paradox for another time...then some pillox bangs on about people who have been dead for 250 years? am i supposed to fight zombies now? well done 'justice' your absurdity means *this* anitcapitalist is going to *support* my local bank branch from now onwards

Philip Stavros

Well there's commitment

07.08.2003 15:08

Well there you go. A little confusion sown by thick people who can't grasp the concept of DESCENDANTS and our alleged "anti-capitalist" Philip Stavros transforms into a wet-knickered flag-waver for the bankers.

Is that all it takes to shake the faith of some part-time lefties? Sad, sad, sad.

Mad Monk

by the way

07.08.2003 15:41

bwt: i do call myself anticapitalist but i dont actually know what that means what party i should vote for..i mean the Sun gives the finger to blair so i reckon its ok if i buy that? Or the daily sport?? i dont work either mainly becuaees i dont like it but does that mean im w-o-r-k-i-n-g Class? Or Smart Class?

Philip Stavros

"Justice" is either a little thick or a disinfo trader

07.08.2003 19:21

"Justice" read the original post
what is going on there is a conflation of Barclays Bank (which indeed has its origins in Quaker slave trading in the eighteenth century)

and the Barclay brothers, who are 20th and 21st century capitalist pirates (who have nothing to do with Barclays bank

Either you are not the brightest candle on the alter or you are a disinfo soul trader (possibly both?)


Peter Piper

Boycott Barclays

08.08.2003 11:28

Mr Stavros could I draw your attention to the range of competitive financial products that we at Halifax are now offering? I think you'll agree that it is possible both to 'buck' capitalism by boycotting barclays *and* make financially prudent descisions by opening an account with Halifax. Who says that an 'alternative' lifetstyle means you have to have less pounds in your pocket?

- Homepage:


08.08.2003 12:01

so are we supposed to boycott barclays, littlewoods, halifax or scotland? im confused..

Frank Boff


08.08.2003 13:08

yet again the muslim community is being targetted...why else would you have passed over in silence the islamic method of banking and islamic prohibitations on insurance? whats a matter? www.hateisalm not taking your postings?


Thank you Barclay card

08.08.2003 13:13

Have to disagree about Halifax: their interest rates are prohibative for small fry like yours truely! Putting the issue of Barclays past record in the past once and for all i think ive hit on an excellent idea: why dont all activists open accounts in the *same* banl (maybe the same branch too) and then *close* those accounts all at once on a specified date, say Jan 1st 2004?

Andy North

Tell Me More!

08.08.2003 13:14

Andy, that sounds like a good idea..why not put up your sort code and account number and we can all do it in the *same* account too

Philip Stavros

Why No Answers?

08.08.2003 13:16

why have none of you answered the charge of islamophobia? do you think that the asian community should carry the can for your racism? if it was a christian scheme youd support it wouldnt you!



08.08.2003 13:26

Already there has been suggestions of a march on the mosques (should they stand in the way of loans with interest) ..not from the BNP but from money wise dissenting would be a sight..after long years of the PC m/c Left sh*ting on white bank account holders and now in bed with islamonazis/anti-interestniks)..after all the slaps in the face of workers being told that they are genetically money dumb by white m/c rich last they would feel the Class Hate..the tidal wave of Primordial Class War to sweep away all the scum: the SWP, the islamonazis, the PC brigade, the 'alternative banking' freaks..i see it now the roads full of the Silent Majority thousands upon thousands of workers vowing by the Blood of their Class that this battle of Cable Street (this time against the SWP, MAB & unorthodox loan arrangements) will complete what the Bolsheviks could only have dreamed of in 1917

Thomas J


08.08.2003 14:38

...looks like the al-Qaida have been dumping acid into the water supply today.

Mad Monk