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Barclays Bank - The Sons of robbers & mass murderers still reap the rewards

Justice | 05.08.2003 15:42 | Liverpool

The Barclays brothers who established the bank - made their first millions out of the slave trade - shipping millions of Africans from the west coast of Africa to the caribean and the Americas - they were chained to the walls and floors of ships, the journey alone cost the lives of a third of them. Working the rest on plantations until they died of exaustion. These people should be exposed. Now they run Liverpool Littlewoods. see below.

THE multi-millionaire Barclay brothers, who last year took over the Liverpool-based Littlewoods business, have commissioned a biography to lift the veil on their notoriously secretive lives.

Sir David and Sir Frederick Barclay, both 69, have a business empire worth £650m but have gone to extraordinary lengths to guard their privacy.

They are rarely inter-viewed or photographed, and conduct their affairs behind the closed doors of their £60m fortress-like home on the small Channel Island of Brecqhou, near Sark.

The biography is to be written by Lord McAlpine, the former Conservative treasurer.

In addition to Littlewoods, the brothers have extensive media interests in Scotland.

Some people estimate that around 100 million africans were taken from Africa. How come the people who made their millions from this mass genocide - are still free to exploit and make millions. Instead of being presented like some tye of heroes.



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