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The wave of repression in Italy goes on

Imc Uk | 16.11.2002 23:00 | Genoa | Repression | World

Update 4 Dec: On the morning of December 4th 9 people have been arrested and a total of 23 are under investigation with several accusations relating to the protests against the G8 summit in Genoa in July 2001. Report

Update 3 Dec: All the people arrested on Nov 15 have now been released.

Update 24 Nov: Mobilisations are still taking place in Italy following the arrests of 42 'No Global" activists two weeks ago. 13 people still remain locked up in maximum security prisons in southern Italy, whilst another six are still under 'house arrest'. In a turn-out exceeding all expectations, 60,000 people demonstrated for the freedom of the NoGlobal prisoners in Cosenza on November 23rd. Participants included many people who had travelled far to the southern tip of the country, but also many local people including the mayor. Local citizens welcomed the demonstrators enthusiastically, with people applauding from the balconies all along the demo route. IMC Cosenza notes: "The whole city is embracing and kissing the movement!". Pictures: 1 | 2 | 3

Update 21st Nov: A loose network of internet activists from different countries has called for a virtual protest on the Italian Justice department's website on November 23, starting UK time 10.00am. This will coincide with a day of mass protests and demonstrations agaisnt repression due to take place in several Italian cities. Netactivists call to action | Arrests update.

During the night to Friday, 15 November, 20 alleged members of the Italian social movement No Global have been arrested under article 270 of Italian Penal Code, with another 22 people not allowed to leave their homes. The judge's arrests order declared NoGlobal as "a subversive association" and its members "to conspire against the Italian State". There have been house raids in many parts of Italy. The wave of repression against alleged "leaders of the anti-globalisation movement" comes just days after 40,000 people took part in the successful European Social Forum in Florence, and 1 Million people marched against the war peacefully. The massive violence by demonstrators, which had been announced previously by the Berlusconi government and the police did not materialise, which had put the alarmist scare-mongering by government and media prior to the Social Forum in a different light. In an attempt to keep up the tension, repression was started against the no global members. The latter are being charged not of actual criminal acts but of "political conspiration" and "subversive propaganda". Read Radio Sherwood and Disobedienti press release.

Protests and demonstrations have been called for this weekend against political repression and to show solidarity with those arrested. Thousands of people have taken the streets of many Italian cities with reports of 30.000 people in Rome,10.000 in Napoli and several thousand in Firenze, Genova and Milano. At the same time a netstrike has been proposed for Monday 18 by ECN - Isole nella Rete network.

For up to date information see: IMC-Italy | Radio Sherwood | No Global network

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