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This night 20 disobedient activists arrested for ''terrorism''

sherwood communication | 15.11.2002 16:32

At about 1.00 a.m 20 Southern Italy networks activists were taken to high-security houses of detention in Latina and Trani being charged of 270/bis subverting association and conspirancy via association, a fascist criminal code article used in the past to repress the movements strengh.

The following is the Northen East Disobedients and Sherwood Radio solidarity press release, please spread to news out and send solidarity mails ( - as well.

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On the coming from a Procura della Repubblica di Cosenza inquiry arrest of Francesco Caruso, Disobedients, and of other comrades we declare that:

this is all a made up juridical story, shamefully false with which public political events, social networks partecipation and activists opinions are being put into a juridical theorem itself criminal;

this operation was lucidly premeditated in times and means, in fact it immediately came after the ending of the Florentine European Social Forum and of the meetings held to organize next Porto Alegre social forum;

this is an assault against all social networks which make up the movements movement, from which all the arrested comrades come, we therefore invite all information bureaus, web pages, radios, journalists who have never stopped thinking to let us communicate the reasons of the ones who were handcuffed and taken to Trani’s and Latina’s high-security jails only because struggling, together with us, for the actual and real construction of another possible word.

We confirm

that true responsability of the overturning of public order during Naples Global Forum and during Genova G8 goes to the then ministers of interior, to Canterini’s mobile divisions, to carabinieri’s squads, to GOM and to Bolzanetto’s torturers, whose executives haven’t yet been removed.


we remark that we have never incited disobedience, but we have been practising social disobedience against unjust, liberty-destroining, openly racist laws such as Bossi-Fini’s. We’ll keep practising disobedience because the construction of our open, social and joint Europe and of global democracy passes through social conflict and disobedience.


We are inviting all of you to mobilize until every activist shut inside Trani’s and Latina’s high-security houses of detention.

Disobedients and Sherwood Communication

sherwood communication
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