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disgruntled marcher | 29.03.2003 20:18

Report from the Hackney march Sat 27th March

I joined the march as it turned down Dalston Junction. A gentle march. No stopping at the Town Hall and straight into London Fields for speeches from the usual suspects.
About 1,500 people.
Pleasant – but totally ineffectual.
Reports from Basra suggest massive civilian casualties. Let’s have a little more courage and imagination from the anti-war movement. Follow your conscience and imagination not the banner bearers at the front.
It was all very well to sit in the park for a few hours on a nice sunny afternoon and feel like you’re doing something against the war – but face it, you’re not!
We could have kept walking towards Whitechapel and into the city where more people would have joined the march – but instead we sat and listened to the sound of our own voices. This war isn’t waiting so get out on the streets! Let's bring things to a halt!

disgruntled marcher


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