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Commons Debate -- Blair

Keith Parkins | 18.03.2003 16:10

Blair's speech was impressive, but .....

Anyone listening to Blair this lunchtime opening the Commons debate on war with Iraq who had not been aware of the facts would have been gung-ho to bomb Iraq.

That is the impotrant point, aware of the facts.

The Blair speech was full of misleading information, and needs detailed analysis.

Inspecters left Iraq. No, we pulled them out so we could bomb Iraq.

Saddam would not let the inspecters back in. True, but only because Saddam feared it would be a spying mision for US/UK prior to attack.

French veto under any circumstances. No, French have said if there was not alternative tehey would authorise war on Iraq, but as some progress is being made would wish to see diplomacy continue.

If UN had said we had met a brick wall and no further progress possible, maybe war justified, but we have not yet met that impasse.

Later ....

Ian Duncan Smith claimed war on Iraq would not generate terrorism!!!!

Later absolute garbage by William Hague.

Very impressive speeches by Douglas Hogg (ex Tory minister) and John Denham (labour minister who resigned today).

Seveala of the speakers were out and out nutters.

Odious Clare Short, I will resign if no second UN resolution, has displayed her usual hypocricy, and refused to resign.

Debate started at 1230 and will continue to 10pm. Broadcast live on Radio 4, 198 kHz.

Thought: Deselection of Labour MPs who support Blair?

If Blair is so confident of his position, why no free vote?

Keith Parkins


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post the votes

18.03.2003 16:54

I am waiting to see how the votes square out. That's the part that counts. We should race to get the list of who voted for what posted up as soon as possible. We must never let these scoundrels think for a second we are not watching what they are doing, or that we will ever forget.


....the future is bleak for humanity

18.03.2003 20:07

..especially when we find out that the peace process the MP's were talking about will be destruction of iraq by 1000 cruise missiles, the installation of a pro-american dictatorship (like egypt, jordan, afghanistan) and the greenlight for Sharon to massacre the remaining Palestinian freedom fighters with his chemical/biological weapons...this is their roadmap..

I suggest we make a list of those who do vote for war tonight for they will have to tread carefully when the middle east massacre begins, and spirals out of their control. The MP's did not listen to the people of Britain even when we begged them to reconsider this illegal,immoral war. Britains' democracy is dead, along with the future of the UN.