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BNP attempt to muscle in on Northern irish loyalist territories

andre's sista | 03.11.2002 23:06

The BNP neo nazi fascists are attempting to muscle in loyalist territories, the BNP are seeking to gain political power on the back of loyalists.

BNP attempt to muscle in on Northern irish loyalist territories, british neo nazi fascists are attempting to gain political acceptence and power by riding on the back of loyalism. Neo nazi fascists who unapologeticlly admired the policies of Adolf Hitler, and his SS german stormtroopers, responsible for the murder of thousands of British servicemen and women during the second world war are now attempting to ingratiate their way into loyalism. The BNP which is reknowned for being widely infiltrated by Special branch is now attempting by association to destabilise and discredit loyalism, through association with their sickening FASCIST rhetoric and policies. the BNP are latching on to loyalism, in a desperate attempt to gain public support and political power, to the detriment of working class loyalism. loyalism is being tarnished and discredited by the Fascist BNP's support. The brit government sees the BNP as a useful tool, for spliting the loyalist vote, and also in terms of members of BNP Special branch, being able to gain access to loyalist paramilitaries.

andre's sista