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Attention Saudi Arabia: a propaganda operation

Insider | 06.08.2002 22:11

The recent stories about war plans which might include the invasion of Saudi Arabia and its partition (with the seizure of the oil rich east of the country) are deliberate leaks: intended to frighted the Saudi elite into collaboration with the war

The United States desperately needs the toleration, if not the support of Saudi Arabia for its war with Iraq. So far the Saudis have refused to support it.

The war plans "leaked" today (then hotly denied by the Pentagon-- my these guys think they are clever with their double bluff!) are part of a strategy to manipulate the Saudi royal family to allow if not assist the war. You will see many versions of this story planted; eg. former Ministry of Defence appartchik in Britain, published an interview in the New Statesman in which he planted the story about a possible partition of Saudi Arabia with its oil rich eastern province being separated to be run as a colony or by some helpful clients.

This is all smoke and mirrors: it is aimed at manipulating Saudi Arabia to fall in with the war programme (by implying that if they don't then they will become its prey). Let us hope that the Saudis do not fall for this trick.



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