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imc-uk | 01.05.2002 09:45

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The World Prepares to Celebrate Workers' Holiday

May Day is upon us once again, that time of year when we celebrate the workers who built and sustain this world, and those Anarchists, Communists and Socialists who fought to make their lives better. Begun in the United States in 1886 as part of the struggle for an eight-hour work day, May Day is now celebrated around the globe. [Read a history of May Day. | Lesen sie eine Geschichte auf Deutsch | Histoire du premier mai]

From the beginning with the Haymarket massacre in Chicago and subsequent raids by police, May Day celebrations have been the target of state repression. Last year in England, officers beat many celebrants and detained a group of nearly 500 for over eight hours by surrounding them in Oxford Circus. Already in 2002, police have raided a radical dairy and community center, siezing computers and other material without explanation, and assaulted a street theatre reenactment of the police attack against the Womble 7 that occurred last Halloween.

In spite of this intimidation, people in England will try to make their voices heard on May Day.

Across the channel in France, a massive conflict is brewing. A march through Paris by the National Front (NF) Party in support of their presidential candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen will pass by a ;memorial gathering for an Brahim Bouaram, an Arab man killed by NF skinheads in 1995. There will also be a separate mass show of unity by various unions and left wing groups.

In Chicago, the birthplace of Mayday, the past week has seen a Critical Mass ride, a conference called "From Local to Global: the Midwest on Fire" and a carnival against capitalism, and more events are planned.

Boston will be holding a "Festival del pueblo." San Francisco's May Day events began with a hundreds-bicyclists-strong Critical Mass ride last Friday and are continuing with a "Festival of Resistance." Various events are planned in /a>New York City, including the opening of an art exhibit featuring the work of NYC IMC photographers. • Also: Minneapolis/St. Paul Italy Barcelona Portugal Portland Arizona Buenos Aires Ontario Melbourne (where the focus will be on the government's terrible treatment of refugees) and Brisbane

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