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Reversed Zenophobia collective parania and censorship

Luther Blissett | 06.12.2001 17:48

Two days ago I made a series of comments during the discussion about the article “Palestinian Control of the Mass Media” , , I stand by 99% of what I said . Mr Daniel Brett, one of the big stars of IMC UK, said that I was an Ignorant, Racist, although not a fascist, he accused me of being predjudiced and full of shit, this is My reply to him.

Reversed Zenophobia, Collective Paranoia and Censorship of discussion regarding jewish peoples role in the running the world.

Since the advent of the on line activist movement I have, like many people, become involved in various ways with activism on the net.
I have used it for my work and I use it for my hobbies which include environmental activism. I am friendly with a person who has been very active in bringing the activities of the Bilderberg (BB) group to the attention of the general public, through him I have met other people who are involved in ‘promoting’ Bilderberg.
I also did my bit and about a year ago started posting stuff that came my way about Bilderberg. I was surprised at the response I got for my efforts.
I got torrents of abuse hurled at me wherever I posted Bilderberg articles, and I am not talking about uninformed shite written by eejits like myself . I’m talking about in depth
pukka reviews written by for example Mike Peters.

I was so mystified that I didn’t bother to reply to the persons attacking my postings, but I did notice a pattern. Some of the comments were obviously from ignorant people who had probably never heard of Bilderberg, they called me a nazis and were not worth replying to anyway. But some were obviously semi intellectuals who at least knew something about (BB), some clearly stated that the articles were anti jewish conspiracy theories and that I was part of a right wing plot against the jews and so on and so forth.
I was unsure about what to say to these people so I never replied, but I ask my friends and a couple of people I met on line through Indy media UK.
My friends told me that it was normal to get this kind of abuse when talking about (BB)
they had it and just ignored it, as (BB) are all powerfull people they would obviously use their vast resources to attack anyone who tried to publicise (BB).
The guys I had hooked up with from Indymedia said you had to be careful talking about conspiracy theories on Indymedia UK or you would be ridiculed, and this hads put them
off posting stuff about (BB) and similar NWO stuff
I pointed out that (BB) was not a conspiracy theory. The records show that it has existed since 1954 and was founded by ex nazi Prince Bernard. There are two or three dedicated webistes and lists of members attending the private/secret meetings had been reported in the mass media. Hardly theoretical .
Yes they said but it’s still a touchy subject on indymedia.
I remained puzzled but continued to post bilderberg articles right upt o genova in july and only really took a break when the war started in september,by which time a lot of people had become aware of the fact that (BB) was at least one step up the ladder from the G8 and the attackers were beaten back by the sheer weight of interest in
(BB) trilateral , CFR, and TABD. The WTO and World Bank and G8 already being targets for activists. During the same that Bush has been courageously bombing the defenceless people of Afghanistan, Sharon has been equally courageously bombing the defenceless palestinians. His idea of defence is shelling schools and other civilian targets.
This has been going on for two months and over 200 palastinians have been killed.
Granted the palestinians response has been equally horrible and scores of innocent israelis have been killed or badly wounded.
But the whole has witnessed an increase of wickedness on the part of the Israelis, and F 16’s against stone throwing school kids can hardly be described as a conflict , it’s a one sided massacre.
This has provoked a lot of criticism of Israel and also a lot of articles about jewish influence for example in the worlds media. But it’s not this critism that is the main point of me writing this article I am interested in mere uncritical observations about jewish people which are subject are subject to totally unjustifiable and irrelevant abuse not dissimilar to the response the (BB) bilderberg articles I posted.
Basically any observations of Jews, how ever frank and open, is met with a deluge of over the top hysteria , sometimes even well balanced articles that merely state facts and are not critical of anyone are treated to the same hysterical outbursts.
It seems to be forbidden to even mention that Jewish people are extemely influential throughout the world, in all the major insitutions. Any one who does dare to mention this is condemed as a Zenophobic ignorant rascist , nazi ect ect.
I have never before bothered to get involved with discussions on the rights and wrongs of Israel vs Palestine, I was never really that well informed although I have been to the region on a number of occasions. But I am very interested in Conspiracy theories and have visited many of the favourite conspiracy theory sites, Renne le Chateaux Chartres , ect,and I would love to have the time and the money to study french history.

So I am also interested in provoking a debate about these theories as I was about (BB) which although not a conspiracy theory is still full of intrigue, how could a Club with such illustrious members not be interesting to investigate ?
But there is a group of anti conspiracy theorists who attack any one who places articles about (CT’s) and calling them amongst other things anti semetic , my theory is that this group are predominately jewish , they are paranoid of (CT’s) because they think it is automatically against them. I am 100% certain that the persons who hurled, the more intellectual, abuse at me when I posted (BB) articles were jewish, probably aided and abetted by the spooks from the intelligence agencies.
These people work in teams; one will place a one liner comment saying for example “this sounds anti semetic”, another will come on board and say “it is definately anti semetic” then another one, supposedly from a different author, very quickly follows, accusing the author of outrageous things he obviously did not say.
I became involved in an argument the other day regarding an article entitled “Palestinian Control of the Mass Media” in which the aurthor substituted the
word jewish with palestinian and asked the question what would the jewish community say if the palestinians really had so much power and influence in world governments and controlled so much of the worlds media . This was deemed racist and unthinkable, people started to talk about locking up the jews in concentration camps.
Which is a million miles away from what the author had said and also a complete exaggeration.

As I have already stated I have never been very interested in the jews and their history but the bashing I got from various well known “stars” of indymedia and the previous mountains of abuse that were hurled at me for posting (BB) articles have had such an effect on me that I have been stung into action and have been reading up on the subject.
It seems the Jewish peoples “reverse Zenophobia” is well documented even by the Jews themsleves. They are so hyper sensative to mere ‘observations’ regarding the jewish race that it amounts to a collective paranoia. This paranoia leads them to try to censor all debate about the subject. In the long run this prove to be counter productive
and could again lead to mistrust and resentment which are exactly the type of sentiments used to such terrible effect by amongts others Hitler.
If the Jews do not want history to repeat it’s self they should stop being so sanctimonious practise what they preach, be tolerant to open discussion about the role they play in the modern world.

Two days ago I made a series of comments during the discussion about the article “Palestinian Control of the Mass Media” , apart from a couple of off the cuff remarks, which I apologize for, I stand by 99% of what I said . Mr Daniel Brett, one of the big stars of IMC UK, said that I was an Ignorant, Racist, although not a fascist, he accused me of being predjudiced and full of shit, and stated : “I've heard people like you all my life and frankly I find you to be an incredibly sad individual”. This is my reply to him .

He also followed the pattern of many of the other comments included, stating absurd anti jewish remarks which he attributes to me, when anyone who checks the newswire can plainly see these remarks are not contained in my comments..

I sent a mail to Mr Brett, in which I apologized for saying ‘fuck dem’ hardly a racist remark
especially in the context that I used it. But one which a mild mannered person, which I am not, might consider offensive.
I also made a point of telling him that I had read and enjoyed countless articles posted by him and that I was sorry to have offended a person whom I had built up a considerable respect over the last few months. He declined to reply.

My conclusion is that although on general subject matters he is a well balanced person,
when it comes to discussing Jewish related issues he is nothing but a hysterical over sensative, stereotype with a completely biased opinion, and that he like so many others sees an anti jewish conspiracy plot around every corner.
I have saved the whole debate concerning the “Palestinian Control of the Mass Media” from IMC indymedia and intend to document the absurdities, and re post the whole thing with, my notes.
I also saved it from other IMC sites where the comments are sometimes even more outrageous. accusing the author of (and I quote, from Guido) coming out with the pluto-jew-massonery crap only generate confusion,

I hope to get some serious feedback to this posting and not a load of clever dick bullshit
which I shall just add to my files and repost at a later date .

severe regards


PS I could have stuck on loads of links to back up my case but limited it to just one as i understand Indymedia is short of space ...

Luther Blissett
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06.12.2001 17:57

Don't make generalisations about a race of people you evidently know nothing about. Don't engage in lengthy self-indulgent monologues about yourself and expect everyone to listen.


R U every one

06.12.2001 18:09

Re agnostic
are you, or do you speak for everyone ?



06.12.2001 18:12

"San Francisco provides an example of how some Jews can totally ignore reality. Polls
taken among contributors to the San Francisco Jewish Community Federation have found that one-third believe that a Jew cannot be elected to Congress from San
Francisco. A poll reported such results in 1985 when all three members of Congress from contiguous districts in or adjacent to the city were Jewish as were two state senators, the mayor and a considerable part of the city council." Seymour Lipset,
American Pluralism and the Jewish Community, 1990, p. 156


re agnostic

06.12.2001 18:28

your comment follows the pattern mentioned in my article,
it completely ignores the content and is totally irrelavant.

you know where you can agnoSTICKly you an advice


Luther Blissett

plus de change

06.12.2001 19:19

funnily enough this scenario is nothing new. Hardly overwhelming evidence, but Bilderberg did go public in a Channel 4 documentary earlier in the year. They even published the supposed minutes of their AGM.

Bilderberg is probably the most famous secret organisation you were never supposed to know about. Which by its very secrecy has been fertile ground for many a loony... which again, isn't to say that anyone who speaks of Bilderberg is a nutcase ( just statistically a high proportion )

In the course of the documentary, to my recollection, it was the first time EVER that Bilderberg admitted existence. There seemed to be strong links to that Jewish Media Police oragnisation... I forget the name. They seemed to suggest that Bilderberg and any associated terminology was ultra-right wing code for the antisemites ( see: ZOG )... rather strange thing to say, when at the end of they day Bilderbeg actually admitted to existing, and tried to push the notion that they were a non-political G7-type set up.

I suppose there are a million explanations as to that organisation collects intelligence on any people publishing articles on groups like Bilderberg under the umbrella of promoting anti-anti-semitism is really up to... makes you wonder who finances them; whether it is a clever smoke screen, like screaming "rape!" at anyone who comes within ten feet of them.

One thing I am certain of, the two stories didn't match.

I am not one for Hitlarian conspiracy theories, and I don't doubt that Bilderberg's hitherto long-standing ultrasecrecy is very fishy. I also do not doubt that people often seek to identify themselves in ethnic groups and adopt the perceives attributes of those groups, by the same token I do not doubt that people may well wish to reject the group they born into.

How that fits into this argument I don't knoe; not being any expert on Bilderberg. But, I guess I just wanted to add that some people really do readily seek to identify THEMSELVES with notions of race, regardless of how I personally chose to see the world. I think I try to avoid it as much as I can ( am aware of. ) To suggest there is no ultra-right-wing Jewish contingent is as absurd as to suggest that black people cannot be racist or that anyone is born with predetermined characteristics ( no I don't buy into all this genome bullshit either ) and I have even gone so far to reprimand a few self-professed Jewish people in my time about remarks about Germans being evil and reminding them that most of that generation are dead and the present generation have no more responsibility to the haulocaust than anyone on this planet... notleast reminding them of the sad irony of them using such racist logic. Again, these are examples, and by no means any suggestion that anyone who calls themselves Jewish or is called Jewish by others is a racist, just that they CAN be racist as much as nay other human being can...

Therefore, it is conveivable that any ethnicity could inspire an ultr-right wing group. Hell, ethnicity by its nature demands perceived deliniation to exist? To be FOR aomething subsumes being AGAINST somethig else?

If you wanted to you could extend political correctness to the point where you could deny the Klu KluX Klan's existence by saying "I refuse to see anything that does not agree with my own principals"?

Is this the issue?



"paranoid masochistic character"

06.12.2001 20:18

"[Jewish psychologist Jules] Nydes argues that such individuals [representing the "paranoid masochistic character"] tend to see themselves and groups within which they identify as victims who are being persecuted. This sense of persecution derives partly from unconscious feelings of guilt. The paranoid masochistic person engages in aggression against others because he or she expects to be attacked. His aggression, which is accompanied by feelings of self- righteousness, is rarely satisfying. Indeed, he can often achieve gratification only when he is punished, and
the punishment is interpreted as confirming his preconceived sense of persecution ...
The typology is suggestive. [Jewish psychoanalyst] Theodore Reik, who was Nyde's teacher, suggested that a 'paranoid masochistic' personality structure is modal among
Jews." Stanley Rothman S. Robert Lichter, Roots of Radicalism, Oxford University Press, 1982, p. 133

Daniel Brett
mail e-mail:

.....goes to Hollywood

06.12.2001 20:46

The Outsiders Who Dreamt Up America.
Sunday Times [London], May 31, 1998
"It's a delicate subject. Mention the relationship between Hollywood and Jews and you can land in some very hot water. Journalist William Cash discovered this in 1991 when he wrote an article for The Spectator about the increasing influence of Jews on the American entertainment industry. More than a dozen movie luminaries - including Charlton Heston, Barbra Streisand and Steven Spielberg - sent an impassioned letter of complaint to the magazine, chastising Cash as a latter-day Nazi and complaining about the trite and vulgar Jewish stereotypes in which he had couched his
argument. Yet the thrust of his piece was accurate. The movie industry in the US has always been controlled by Jewish men and women in a town that was created by Jewish immigrants, Hollywood ...
All of Hollywood's major studios, including Warner Brothers, Paramount, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Columbia, were created by a small band of Eastern European Jewish immigrants."

Jeremy Dresner


06.12.2001 21:57

I did not send the above quote. If you have the courage of your convictions, you should send things under your own name. If you want to post anti-semitic comments under mine or anyone else's name, then you're going about destroying the integrity of Indymedia by degenerating into newsgroup behaviour. It's not particularly clever, just pathetic.

I am also disinterested in getting into some tit-for-tat argument with 'Luther Blisset', who suffers from chronic foot-in-mouth disease and his mouth chatters away faster than his mind. As 'Agnostic' pointed out, his main fault is to castigate an entire race on the basis that a minority of them are rich and some of them insulted him at a dinner party. What a sad individual.

Daniel Brett
mail e-mail:

same same

06.12.2001 23:25

as with the original posting "Palestinian Control of the Mass Media" you ignore the content of the article and critise
the author. .. this is probably not the only thing that you have in common with 'friend' agnostic ..
the castigation of an entire people is fictious fantasy
of your own making , you refuse to consider the point of the
either article .. it is so obvious.
the ansa to your very offensive remarks is ?

Ali MortacciTua

Blame it on Robert Anton Wilson

06.12.2001 23:52

Anarcho-hippy Wilson's classic collaboration with Robert Shea, the Illuminatus trilogy, perhaps set the pattern off, where conspiracy theory is a dedicated tool of the US right wing loon brigade. And weren't friend Timothy Leary and others from that era involved in developing 'Libertarian' free market politics in the 70's which filtered through academia to form the basis of Thatcherism and Reaganomics? Many of the Left and anarchist sway were to believe the conspiracy model was a right wing tool. I admit I shared this perception until a couple of years ago when the activities going on around the world began to seem oppressively in line with the precepts of the conspiracy model, and especially during this year when the agenda has become full on.
Sharon stated in the Knesset,in reply to Shimon Perez, that the state of Israel is in control of the US. This is an objective assessment of the degree of control that Zionist wealth and power exerts on US policy. Suppressed research indicates that the DNA of Jewish people and Palestinians is identical. Time to stop the anti-semite jibes.

dwight heet

the good thing about indy media

06.12.2001 23:58

well daniel, what I like about indymedia is the way everything you say is there for all to see.

Everytime you make another bollox of a comment and tell what amounts to blatant porkie pies it's on the record.

Like I said and you keep confirming, you don't make any relevant comments about the content of the article just slag of the author. you then invent outrageous, antisemtic remarks and attribute them to me, in most cases .
But in this case to agnostix, castigate a whole race ? he must have said that to you on the phone cos it aint in his two liner..

Seems like you are full of total fuckery , you must be some fucking concieted eejit and you talk about me being full shit, if you had brains you'd be dangerous, I have taken enough insults from a gob shite like you so I tink it was about time i started to stand up for me old self.....
expect things to liven up in the coming weeks..

Read on I think this sums you up rather well

"The assumption of an eternal anti-Semitism ... has been adapted by a great many unbiased historians and by an even greater number of Jews. It is this odd coincidence which makes the theory so very dangerous and confusing. Its escapist basis is in both instances the same: just as anti-Semites understandably desire to escape responsibility for their deeds, so Jews, attacked and on the defensive, even more understandably, do not wish to under any circumstances discuss their share of responsibility." Hannah Arendt,
The Origins of Totalitarianism, 1964, p. 73

from this I guess you'll say that i am proposing to
chop up the entire race and turn them onto them into organic dog food alla Wallace and Gromit something equally batty.
Your in cuckoo land with head up your own arse hole, by the way media manipulation is not entirely the forte of one race alone.


Luther blissett

do all conspiracy theories involve jews

07.12.2001 00:41

thanx for your interesting comment dwight, I must confess I rather like conspiracy theories, but I wasn't aware that the jews had the monopoly on the subject. I honestly thought that
conspiracy theories involved european aristocratic family's
and basically were open to anyone. I also wasn't aware that jewish people dominated Free masonary, in fact I am still
not aware of it. Perhaps you could enlighten me ?
Do all conspiracy theories involve jewish people ?

My point is that it is not possible to make even the most
innocent observations about the role that jewish people play
in modern society,without being on the end of shit loads of abuse, while at the same time being accused of wanting to throw them to the lions. Even being accused time after time of of saying things that one clearly did not. While not one
single relevant remark is made about the contents ot the article. A point that is confirmed over and over again. what you do you think about it. thank fuck that you and mustermann chipped in.


Luther Blissett

Anti-Semitism without Anti-Semites

07.12.2001 00:55

"For many of us Jews lately, everything and anything is 'remindful of the Holocaust.' The truth is that anti-Semitism has become an obsession with us ... In the American Jewish
community we've got anti-Semitism without anti-Semites ... [The biblical Jews]
understood Gentile hostility to us to be an expression of God's displeasure with us as a
community. We [Jews today] understand it to be essentially meaningless ...
They believed in collective responsibility ... We modern Jews have completely lost the consciousness of collective responsibility.. Our fear of Gentiles who don't like us, our made-up, manufactured fear, is the greatest comfort we can give ourselves. The impulse to see anti-Semitism where it isn't is so powerful it infects Jewish culture at every level, among religious and secular Jews alike... If God, the true God, were to put us on the couch, I think that ... he would tell us there is no such thing as anti-Semitism, at least not the way we understand it. We American Jews aren't suffering at all right now.
For us, life couldn't be better ... In the book of Leviticus, God explains to the Jews the ways he will reward us if we guard His commandments and punish us if we do not.
All of us together. Among the punishments there is an interesting line that describes the
condition of modern Jews perfectly: 'the sound of a driven leaf shall chase them; and
they shall flee, as one flees from the sword; and they shall flee when none pursues.'"
David Klinghoffer, Anti-Semitism without Anti-Semites, First Things: A Monthly Journal of Religion and Public Life, April 1998, p. 10-13.


Excuse me???

07.12.2001 01:08

Luther - excuse me, I've only contributed here over the past few months, and I think I've posted one or two supportive comments of your views during that time - but please don't do the same thing to me that you accuse others of doing to you. I've no obssession with the jewish issue and fully agree that most conspirators have WASP or WRC connections and also extend through all other races. I believe that the Rothchilds and so on have nothing whatsoever to do with the jewishness they claim. My only comment was that Sharon seems to think he has Bush by the balls - and that seems to be true? And that semitic jews and palestinians are the same people really. That's all.

Dwight Heet

only said thanx for the comment

07.12.2001 01:58

dwight, don't worry I won't grass you up..just said thanx
for making a comment that actually said something.
I don't think there is the slightest chance of any serious
debate on this one, this LB will be condemed as anti semetic
racist bigot and dan and co' will continue to censor the wire, I wonder what will happen when they encounter some real life racism. Well it's not my problem, but I have learn something from all this bullshit. I can see I need to swot up on a few things.
Have you read all the so called anti semetic quotes, from errr jewish people ?.
Robert the Bruce was nay WASP or WRC, and the Celts/Scots fit into the story somewhere, shit it would be boring otherwise.



don't want to see the light

07.12.2001 02:49

"Fighting anti-Semitism seems to be for some Jews more
important than any other expression of Jewishness ...
The danger appears when one becomes dependent upon them for
one's identity, so that one begins to need anti-Semitism."
                      Stanislaw Krajewski, (Polish Jew)

"For some Jews and perhaps some of the Jewish leadership, the fear is that if anti-Semitism completely disappears then the Jewish community might erode or dissolve." 
Stanley Rothman, (in STALLSWORTH, p. 67)

"We should be able to discuss Jews and their Jewishness, their virtues or their vices, as one can any other identifiable group without being called an anti-Semite. Frankness does not feed anti-Semitism; secrecy, however, does."   Kevin Meyers, (British journalist), p. 26

Ley Hunter

The real influence (effluence)

07.12.2001 09:43

The power of Jewish people in modern day life is completely undeniable. There was a post recently which explained this by the way that Jews stick together and look after each other, also pointing out that most of the ones who live in the US arrived in the forties after having all of their wealth robbed by the Nazis. That sounded like a good explanation, with no conspiracy undertones and would point out why a lot of industries run on nepotism are the ones dominated by the Jewish religion (ie. Films, media, etc.). I hope that these comments are seen in the non-judgemental style that was intended. That comes next.
I think it would be much better to focus on the real problem with global influence, the rich white west. The English (and French and Spanish, amongst others) have gotten ahead by massively slaughtering anyone who stood on a piece of prime real estate and have aggressively imposed their will on the poor people of the planet from their new homes. Maybe the trouble is that most of the people who read this site would be looking a bit too close to home for that kind of analysis.
The west (of course I mean the western oligarchy) is to blame for most of the heinous strife around the planet today, and will be until they are destroyed by their own sense of indestructibility, just like all other empires before them. They are absolutely disgusting filth.


I'll go along with A'OC comment

07.12.2001 11:51

Yep the brits, for one, have a lot to ansa for, but my family don't own vast estates built on the wealth plundered from
India and other colonies, while travelling I have often been
accused, 'you british did....' I accept my part of the collective guilt, but I point out to the accuser that before the brit ruling class enslaved 3/4 of the world they first enslaved their own, working class, people. Then crushed and enslaved the Irish and you know the rest.
The sailors who courageously fought sea battles, which earned the aristocratic admirals vast fortunes were pressed ganged into service, and forced to accept the kings shilling, once on board some were never allowed to set foot on english soil again.

Having spent most of my live outside the UK I have often had to defend myself for being british, but am quite prepared to discuss this, and can look after myself very well if need be.

But discussion of Jewish control of the media is for some reason taboo ??


Luther Blissett

Mossad's nazi Logo

07.12.2001 14:27

"Dear Mr. Rense, I was extremely outraged when I saw the Mossad's symbol and logo on your website next to the Mossad Agents Arrested story. As a Jew, I never knew that the Mossad even had a logo and symbol. I felt that the logo on your website was an example of fascist propaganda against us the Jews degrading our heritage. I saw it as the a good example of Hate Crime against us and very racist and anti-Semitic. Before writing you an angry letter, I did a search on the Internet, and to my horror I verified on many other websites that this is the real logo and symbol of the Mossad. I am enclosing a more clear Mossad symbol which I found on the Internet. The reason
that I was horrified was the logo which is absolutely supporting most of the stories that I heard recently about the Mossad, and as a Jew, I refused to believe it before."

yours sincerely

Daniel Brett

Daniel Brett
mail e-mail:
- Homepage:

I'm no racist..

10.12.2001 15:36

I've got nothing against white people, but the truth should be exposed. Almost all global corporations are run by white people. Every US President and UK Prime Minister has been white. And the global media is dominated by whites, and only allows the white perspective on all major stories.

But here's the odd thing. I keep meeting ordinary white folk who claim to have nothing to do with the global white conspiracy. Yet when I tell them what their race are doing, and demand that they help expose the white conspiracy, they look at me like I'm mad! Worse than that, they try to silence me by telling me that my views are somehow 'racist' too.

Well, screw them. Their defensiveness and efforts to silence me prove my suspicions. Any white person who refuses to accept the global white conspiracy is very likely working for it. Let's expose these whiteys for what they are; the enemies of all!

a nonny mouse