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Reversed Zenophobia collective parania and censorship

Luther Blissett | 06.12.2001 17:48

Two days ago I made a series of comments during the discussion about the article “Palestinian Control of the Mass Media” , , I stand by 99% of what I said . Mr Daniel Brett, one of the big stars of IMC UK, said that I was an Ignorant, Racist, although not a fascist, he accused me of being predjudiced and full of shit, this is My reply to him.

Reversed Zenophobia, Collective Paranoia and Censorship of discussion regarding jewish peoples role in the running the world.

Since the advent of the on line activist movement I have, like many people, become involved in various ways with activism on the net.
I have used it for my work and I use it for my hobbies which include environmental activism. I am friendly with a person who has been very active in bringing the activities of the Bilderberg (BB) group to the attention of the general public, through him I have met other people who are involved in ‘promoting’ Bilderberg.
I also did my bit and about a year ago started posting stuff that came my way about Bilderberg. I was surprised at the response I got for my efforts.
I got torrents of abuse hurled at me wherever I posted Bilderberg articles, and I am not talking about uninformed shite written by eejits like myself . I’m talking about in depth
pukka reviews written by for example Mike Peters.

I was so mystified that I didn’t bother to reply to the persons attacking my postings, but I did notice a pattern. Some of the comments were obviously from ignorant people who had probably never heard of Bilderberg, they called me a nazis and were not worth replying to anyway. But some were obviously semi intellectuals who at least knew something about (BB), some clearly stated that the articles were anti jewish conspiracy theories and that I was part of a right wing plot against the jews and so on and so forth.
I was unsure about what to say to these people so I never replied, but I ask my friends and a couple of people I met on line through Indy media UK.
My friends told me that it was normal to get this kind of abuse when talking about (BB)
they had it and just ignored it, as (BB) are all powerfull people they would obviously use their vast resources to attack anyone who tried to publicise (BB).
The guys I had hooked up with from Indymedia said you had to be careful talking about conspiracy theories on Indymedia UK or you would be ridiculed, and this hads put them
off posting stuff about (BB) and similar NWO stuff
I pointed out that (BB) was not a conspiracy theory. The records show that it has existed since 1954 and was founded by ex nazi Prince Bernard. There are two or three dedicated webistes and lists of members attending the private/secret meetings had been reported in the mass media. Hardly theoretical .
Yes they said but it’s still a touchy subject on indymedia.
I remained puzzled but continued to post bilderberg articles right upt o genova in july and only really took a break when the war started in september,by which time a lot of people had become aware of the fact that (BB) was at least one step up the ladder from the G8 and the attackers were beaten back by the sheer weight of interest in
(BB) trilateral , CFR, and TABD. The WTO and World Bank and G8 already being targets for activists. During the same that Bush has been courageously bombing the defenceless people of Afghanistan, Sharon has been equally courageously bombing the defenceless palestinians. His idea of defence is shelling schools and other civilian targets.
This has been going on for two months and over 200 palastinians have been killed.
Granted the palestinians response has been equally horrible and scores of innocent israelis have been killed or badly wounded.
But the whole has witnessed an increase of wickedness on the part of the Israelis, and F 16’s against stone throwing school kids can hardly be described as a conflict , it’s a one sided massacre.
This has provoked a lot of criticism of Israel and also a lot of articles about jewish influence for example in the worlds media. But it’s not this critism that is the main point of me writing this article I am interested in mere uncritical observations about jewish people which are subject are subject to totally unjustifiable and irrelevant abuse not dissimilar to the response the (BB) bilderberg articles I posted.
Basically any observations of Jews, how ever frank and open, is met with a deluge of over the top hysteria , sometimes even well balanced articles that merely state facts and are not critical of anyone are treated to the same hysterical outbursts.
It seems to be forbidden to even mention that Jewish people are extemely influential throughout the world, in all the major insitutions. Any one who does dare to mention this is condemed as a Zenophobic ignorant rascist , nazi ect ect.
I have never before bothered to get involved with discussions on the rights and wrongs of Israel vs Palestine, I was never really that well informed although I have been to the region on a number of occasions. But I am very interested in Conspiracy theories and have visited many of the favourite conspiracy theory sites, Renne le Chateaux Chartres , ect,and I would love to have the time and the money to study french history.

So I am also interested in provoking a debate about these theories as I was about (BB) which although not a conspiracy theory is still full of intrigue, how could a Club with such illustrious members not be interesting to investigate ?
But there is a group of anti conspiracy theorists who attack any one who places articles about (CT’s) and calling them amongst other things anti semetic , my theory is that this group are predominately jewish , they are paranoid of (CT’s) because they think it is automatically against them. I am 100% certain that the persons who hurled, the more intellectual, abuse at me when I posted (BB) articles were jewish, probably aided and abetted by the spooks from the intelligence agencies.
These people work in teams; one will place a one liner comment saying for example “this sounds anti semetic”, another will come on board and say “it is definately anti semetic” then another one, supposedly from a different author, very quickly follows, accusing the author of outrageous things he obviously did not say.
I became involved in an argument the other day regarding an article entitled “Palestinian Control of the Mass Media” in which the aurthor substituted the
word jewish with palestinian and asked the question what would the jewish community say if the palestinians really had so much power and influence in world governments and controlled so much of the worlds media . This was deemed racist and unthinkable, people started to talk about locking up the jews in concentration camps.
Which is a million miles away from what the author had said and also a complete exaggeration.

As I have already stated I have never been very interested in the jews and their history but the bashing I got from various well known “stars” of indymedia and the previous mountains of abuse that were hurled at me for posting (BB) articles have had such an effect on me that I have been stung into action and have been reading up on the subject.
It seems the Jewish peoples “reverse Zenophobia” is well documented even by the Jews themsleves. They are so hyper sensative to mere ‘observations’ regarding the jewish race that it amounts to a collective paranoia. This paranoia leads them to try to censor all debate about the subject. In the long run this prove to be counter productive
and could again lead to mistrust and resentment which are exactly the type of sentiments used to such terrible effect by amongts others Hitler.
If the Jews do not want history to repeat it’s self they should stop being so sanctimonious practise what they preach, be tolerant to open discussion about the role they play in the modern world.

Two days ago I made a series of comments during the discussion about the article “Palestinian Control of the Mass Media” , apart from a couple of off the cuff remarks, which I apologize for, I stand by 99% of what I said . Mr Daniel Brett, one of the big stars of IMC UK, said that I was an Ignorant, Racist, although not a fascist, he accused me of being predjudiced and full of shit, and stated : “I've heard people like you all my life and frankly I find you to be an incredibly sad individual”. This is my reply to him .

He also followed the pattern of many of the other comments included, stating absurd anti jewish remarks which he attributes to me, when anyone who checks the newswire can plainly see these remarks are not contained in my comments..

I sent a mail to Mr Brett, in which I apologized for saying ‘fuck dem’ hardly a racist remark
especially in the context that I used it. But one which a mild mannered person, which I am not, might consider offensive.
I also made a point of telling him that I had read and enjoyed countless articles posted by him and that I was sorry to have offended a person whom I had built up a considerable respect over the last few months. He declined to reply.

My conclusion is that although on general subject matters he is a well balanced person,
when it comes to discussing Jewish related issues he is nothing but a hysterical over sensative, stereotype with a completely biased opinion, and that he like so many others sees an anti jewish conspiracy plot around every corner.
I have saved the whole debate concerning the “Palestinian Control of the Mass Media” from IMC indymedia and intend to document the absurdities, and re post the whole thing with, my notes.
I also saved it from other IMC sites where the comments are sometimes even more outrageous. accusing the author of (and I quote, from Guido) coming out with the pluto-jew-massonery crap only generate confusion,

I hope to get some serious feedback to this posting and not a load of clever dick bullshit
which I shall just add to my files and repost at a later date .

severe regards


PS I could have stuck on loads of links to back up my case but limited it to just one as i understand Indymedia is short of space ...

Luther Blissett
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