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Hack Hunter | 09.11.2001 14:31

Just for the record, folks...

The article by Thomas Lardin in today's (9/11) Telegraph which makes refernce to the WOMBLES is utter shite. It doesn't really even merit a response, but briefly: noboby has been 'expelled' from the WOMBLES for pro-war sentiments; the WOMBLES has no 'members' cos it is not an organisation; the WOMBLES hasn't 'lost' its cohesion; no-one from the WOMBLES spoke to Lardin.
This is the wanker that claims to have infiltrated WOMBLES PUBLIC MEETINGS. True he came to a few pre-Genova, but how does one infiltrate a public meeting? He gets told to fuck-off everytime he contacts us.
Anyway, stroll on...
Until All Journo Scum Are Up Against The Wall Motherfuckers

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