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Donations for IMC Bolivia

It is possible now to donate money a) for IMC Bolivia and b) for the families of the murdered online.

Please donate money for IMC Bolivia. You can make money transfers from any bank account inside the EU to this bank account without any extra costs. It costs exactly as much as making a money transfer in your country! All you need is a special money transfer form from your bank or use online facilities where they are offered, and fill in the IBAN no. ("International Bank Account Number") and BIC ("Bank Identifier Code"). And the amount of money, of course.

The bank account:

Nachrichtenpool Lateinamerika (--> Owner)

Postbank Berlin (--> Bank)

IBAN no: DE78 1001 0010 0016 2641 08


Reference: "IMC Bolivia" -->this absolutely needs to be added somewhere in the form otherwise the money goes somewhere else!

imc, 17.10.2003 15:16