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Indymedia UK is a network of individuals, independent and alternative media activists and organisations, offering grassroots, non-corporate, non-commercial coverage of important social and political issues
IMC Scotland, 28-06-2003 17:11

Contact for Indymedia Scotland and United Kollektives

Scotland Indymedia is a network of groups and volunteers around Scotland. We hope to hold occasional workshops around collabortive reporting and skill sharing take place. Please get involved if you want, help is always needed!

Click here to go to contact details on Indymedia Scotland's own website which is where our collective effort and focused and it more likely to be up to date.

Scotland Indymedia is also part of the United Kollektives. Therefore, you can also refer to the United Kollektives contact list to get in touch with indymedia on the UK level.

Please be aware that all imc-scotland lists are publicly archived, which means that anyone can read your mail online.

General Discussion

To take part in general discussion please subscribe to our publicly archived imc-scotland list.

Reports, Features and Newswire


To post to Scotland subsection of IMCUK use:newswire

We encourage you to post to the Scotland Indymedia's own website via it's Publish Page


Features are often created from newswire articles that we 'promote' and HTMLize. We will soon issue some pointers on how to make this more likely for your newswire articles. For now email the imc-scotland-discuss list for more advice.

Cross-communication in the United Kollektives

Any proposals for changes in the United Kollektives site or working practices should be submitted and discussed in the imc-uk-process list.

Plans for meeting, first ideas for projects, and any other things concerning the local indymedias in the United Kollektives are discussed in the imc-uk-network list.

Getting involved

If you want to get involved but this page isn't helping much in making up your mind, check out Getting Involved at global Indymedia.

The global Indymedia project operates through a system of email lists, dedicated to geographical areas or specific projects. See the world's complete list of imc mailing lists.


Email, if not encrypted, should be thought of as a postcard. Even postings to private lists that are not publicly archived can be read by the authorities. For internet privacy tools check Postings to publicly archived lists can be found through a search engine (like google) very easily. Try this google search to see how google indexes list archives.

To prevent spam, email adresses on this page are given in the format name at, not in the usual format. Just fill in the @.

Indymedia Scotland


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