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ALERTA #ANTIFA: BRUM AGAINST NAZIS @bikeyjezmo @pennyred @siegfails @JLRFB #ukip

ANTIFA EMERGENCY ALERTS | 20.01.2016 13:57 | Anti-racism | Indymedia | Repression | London | World

German Nazis last invaded Birmingham between 9 August 1940 and 23 April 1943 with 77 ferocious raids, 1852 tons of bombs dropped on the city including 5,219 high explosive bombs and 48 parachute mines, causing in 2,241 deaths and 3,010 injuries. Under the criminal leadership of Stephen Yaxley Lennon, Germanic Nazism will once again invade Birmingham on Saturday the sixth of February 2016, this time, not dropping bombs of death and destruction, but incendiary packages of pure, unadulterated hatred and fear straight into Birmingham's multicultural communities, under the banner of Pegida UK. Like London and Liverpool, brave Brummies resisted fascism before, and will again, as large swathes of local people joined by antifascists from all over the country link up to oppose the destructive return of national socialism to the city. Besides a large anti-racist demo in the city, militant ANTIFA are set to spring up unannounced along the route of Pegida's hate march between Birmingham Airport and the NEC when the invaders are least expecting it. Unity is the key, and just as Oswald Mosley's goosesteps were physically opposed in Liverpool, Manchester and the East End of London, so once again must Tommy "The Tit" Robinson's street incursion be sent packing.

Share On Social Media To Show Solidarity With Brum
Share On Social Media To Show Solidarity With Brum

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Womebn Against Hae - Share On Social Media

Tommy Tit Powered By Hel Gower
Tommy Tit Powered By Hel Gower

Tommy Openly Invited Violent EDL Fascists To Birmingham
Tommy Openly Invited Violent EDL Fascists To Birmingham

Brummies will never forget the carnage caused by the German Nazi Luftwaffe of the city of Birmingham and surrounding towns in the United Kingdom. Birmingham was the third heavily bombed city in the United Kingdom, and much of its industrial and manufacturing industry, as well as its urban landscape was pulverised by Nazi bombs. Along with significant bombing of towns in the neighbouring Black Country, particularly in Dudley, Tipton and West Bromwich, where there were hundreds of casualties, post-war Brum involved significant rebuilding. Besides rebuilding the thousands of houses destroyed by the bombing raids, hospitals, public transport and civic life had to be rebuilt over several decades, starting with the building industry and architectural expertise of Birmingham's long established Irish communities. The arrival of immigrants from the British Empire particularly Asia (Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs), Africa and the Caribbean played an important role in supplying the necessary manpower to restore Birmingham into the engineering powerhouse it once was. Much of Birmingham's industrial heritage has unfortunately now been lost, however the key role played by all communities in resisting Nazism is not forsaken, never be forgotten, and will inspire eternal resistance to the pure evil that is fascism.

Tommy Robinson has gone back on his earlier promise not to involve the violent fascist hooligans of the EDL who wreaked much havoc to Birmingham City Centre, a few years back, when their riot resulted in significant damage to people and property. Their return to Brum is totally and absolutely unwelcome, and will be resisted by every iota of effort and determination, as Birmingham, like Newcastle before it, seeks to take to the streets both in the city centre and around the vicinity of the NEC to nullify the Nazi menace. Stephen Yaxley Lennon's menacing procession of hatred from the airport to the exhibition centre seeks to normalise Islamophobia and anti-refugee bigotry, and once landing at the NEC car park, they will be holding their mini-Neuremberg rally where Fuhrer Tommy and Heinrich Weston will seek to blame Muslims and refugees for everything bad in the world, just as Hitler did to Jews, Slavic and Roma people. Tommy Robinson will fail, as have all the fascist haters that have come before him.

Involving former UKIP London candidate Anne-Marie Waters in his hate strategy, Tommy hopes to reach out to middle and upper-class bigots, just as Mosley did, several Royals warming to Mosley's jackbooted thuggery back in the day. It is so essentially important that militant antifascists ruin their scummy hate-love-in, whilst we have the chance. France is fighting a losing battle against the far right, and the Netherlands is on the back foot as Islamophobic Nazism turns the political landscape alarmingly rightwards. Give an inch to fascism and it will take a mile. Once a foothold is made, like Adolf Hitler's regime, it will seek to take over society, oppress, torture and murder not just vulnerable minorities, but all enemies of the state. Despite removing Anne Waters from UKIP's candidate list, as yet, Pegida is not proscribed by UKIP, meaning electoral Kippers are free to go marching with these dangerous German neo-Nazis without censure from their own party. Any Islamophobia absorbed from their membership of PegEDL will be certainly translated into raw hate at the ballot box.

Pegida's visit to Brum is all set to be a raucous, violent, heavily-policed affair, and antifascists are advised to take all the necessary precautions to protect themselves from all angles. When not actively taking on Pegidans, blend in as local streetwalkers, out for an afternoon stroll or jog, without drawing undue attention to yourselves, but once action begins, face masks in back pockets can easily be slipped on in a matter of seconds, to protect yourselves from being targeted online afterwards by fascists. And make use of encrypted emails and text messaging rather than traceable social media to mobilise autonomous groups of ANTIFA, bearing in mind well-drilled militant social activists who do their own thing are doubly hard to stop by the police. Is the element of surprise that will lead to success in curtailing their march. Contact your local trusted ANTIFA branch for more details.

The West Midlands Police have been instructed to arrest fascist thugs waving incendiary "Rapefugees" banners as a breach of the peace, and lets hope some prominent UKIP members get the handcuff-treatment for waving such banners under racial incitement laws, however ANTIFA must not expect the police to do our job in clearing the streets of fascists. Under the guidelines of governments all across the world, police facilitate the safe movement of fascists across our very own city streets under the premise of physically defending the freedom of speech. Be aware that if the day comes when openly fascist "politicians" ever get elected at Westminster under a racist ticket, as a result of antifascist complacency, there will be no freedom of speech for anybody opposing hate. The "lunatics" will have taken over the "asylum". This must not be allowed to happen. The thin end of the wedge is the end of freedom, equality and safety for all. When fascism on the streets goes unchallenged, because people who could have done something, stop home or go to the footy instead of taking a pro-active approach, they are well and truly letting humanity down.

There will be no second chance. People of the Midlands, this is your one and only opportunity to make history and show the door to German neo-Nazism. The future of our great city depends upon as many people as possible opposing the fash, using whatever resources available to stop Pegida UK growing into the next EDL. Back in 2009, antifascists were far too slow off the mark, thousands of EDL very often outnumbering anti-racist opposition ten to one. A rally in Leeds attracted 2500 fascists to several hundred UAF opponents. Now, finally we are at the stage where ANTIFA are taking the lead, and are growing in numbers, but just one setback is all it will take to give succour to fascism to succeed. Pegida in Dresden, would never have happened if they had been run off the streets, but the media's idea of ignoring them so they "go away", has been proven not to work.

The NF were driven off the streets in the 1980s. We must do the same with Tommy's Pegidan neo-Nazi thugs.

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