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MIDLANDS ANTIFA | 15.01.2016 11:15 | Anti-racism | Indymedia | Repression | London | World

Not everybody in life acts rationally, however professional racists who spend hours travelling to reach faraway hate rallies have serious personality disorders. To spend your spare time helping people in need, is an admirable way to use up your precious time. To keep friends and family company parked sedately in front of the telly is an understandable part of life for many. Even to languish idly down the pub doing nothing, is okay. Travelling half way across the country just to chant racial abuse at non-white people, is anything but normal. The kind of person who indulges in such pointlessly extreme antisocial behaviour, requires psychiatric help to treat their compulsion. Whilst football hooligans nurtured on an "away day" mentality treated far-flung trips to fight opponents as a sporting endeavour, those committed full-time racists not looking for a fight have no excuse to waste their lives away in the pursuit of unhappiness.

barber shop poster for boneheads
barber shop poster for boneheads

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They did it in the 40s. So can you!
They did it in the 40s. So can you!

Tommy Tit powered by Growlertron
Tommy Tit powered by Growlertron

Nazis Go Bananas for Bananas and other messy foods. Give them their Five-A-Day!
Nazis Go Bananas for Bananas and other messy foods. Give them their Five-A-Day!

Kippers4Hitler - taunt every racist UKIP Twitter user you can find with this pic
Kippers4Hitler - taunt every racist UKIP Twitter user you can find with this pic

It's "Chicken Tonight" for UK Pegidans
It's "Chicken Tonight" for UK Pegidans

Whether they have jobs or not, or are leaving behind loved ones, or a young family, to spread intolerance across the country, their intent is anything but admirable. Parallel with recruits to ISIS, hardline demo fascists have been radicalised by Pamela Geller and Tommy Robinson on Twitter, and thus have lost all premise of free will, as they happily part with not just rationality but personal enjoyment of life to offer themselves up for another person's crusade. Giving up a morning lie-in after a heavy night out to attend an EDL or Pegida rally shows a lack of free will. Ringing up work to call in sick at Tommy Robinson's beck and call is highly unethical and stupid. Contravening police bail restrictions just so you can show up on a hate march is dangerous. Leaving young kids alone at home, at risk of serious injury or harm, so you can chant obscenities at Muslims, is absolutely immoral.

EDL members and their splinters, have done all these things since 2009 - just a search through the archives of EDL News, EDL Criminals, or Antifascists Online will show the extent brainwashed racists have forsaken life and liberty to rally against people of a different skin-colour or religion. Just as a trainspotter HAS to turn up to note down the rolling stock number of a locomotive they have seen many times before, so too the full-time racist, when not retweeting hate on their computer screen or i-pad, HAS to attend a boring far right rally, whilst lacking a real reason for doing so. Programmed with extreme white supremacist paranoia, many believe their lives depend upon their attendance of a fascist march - hoodwinked to fear white Englishmen dying out in a generation or two if they don't waddle through the pouring rain on a chilly British afternoon to listen to the same boring old speeches time and time again. "White genocide" they call it.

When you are suffering from a compulsive mind disorder, rationality does not come into it. It doesn't matter what level of IQ you have, whether not that clever like "Tim, Nasty But Dim", or you have a masters degree or two and yet find yourself chanting mind-numbingly "Allah Is A Paedo" in amongst a crowd of absolute no-marks, there is something intrinsically wrong with your brain if you go out of your way to attend a hate march miles from home.

Logic would have it, if you seriously believed in the principle of "white genocide" (AKA shite genocide), surely the best way to stop white people being magically obliterated by the reds under your bed, is by shagging like billio on top of your wankstained bedlinen. Which goes to suggest what many antifascists have suspected all along, Nazis have a serious difficulty getting laid. If a committed rally racist has a physical disfigurement due to a crap EDL tattoo stopping them from attracting the opposite sex, most surely plastic surgery with a private clinician would be less costly than full-price cross-country rail fares with Virgin. Talking of virgins, is not just Joshua Bonehill who is devoid of boudoir experience. A large swathe of EDLers and Pegidans have no idea of what romantic family life is really about. Nor even what it feels like to reach orgasm in willing female company. The British extreme right is full of child abusers, stalkers and woman beaters, none more so than Tommy Robinson himself. Problem people incapable of holding down an adult sexual relationship.

Do not be fooled...... Tommy Robinson, like his handler Helen "Growler" Gower, aren't attending rallies because they are brainwashed. They are the ones doing the brainwashing, mentally programming you, the fascist footsoldiers to give up your lives for the cause, using you just like ISIS use suicide-bombers dumped on the streets with strips of explosive taped up inside their jackets. Buttoned-up in knock-off Stone Island swiped from a boot sale in the middle of nowhere, worn by numpties stood around in a wind-strewn car park in the middle of nowhere, achieving absolutely nothing with their lives, in hindsight, many should wish Tommy would kindly supply his fascist faithful with some Semtex to send them out in a plume of smoke, and plaster their names with infamy across the Six O Clock News as terrorists, or most probably as "mentally ill, troubled loners", as it is against the law to label white neo-Nazis "terrorists", whilst the supposedly liberal media continues to scapegoat Muslims as a danger to society, Prime Minister David Cameron singing lustily to old Rupert Murdoch's hymnsheet.

Faced with nothing to do at a far right rally other than stand around cheering, whooping and hollering at half-baked speeches about Sharia Law, it becomes instantly understandable why the average boneheaded attendee stocks up pre-rally on South American marching powder or gets atomically blasted on industrial quantities of strong alcohol. All of a sudden, the tedious NCP gathering in the brisk drizzle becomes instantly forgettable - as does the associated violence when it all kicks off, as it always does, and will again, when the footsoldiers realise they have been lied to by Moneybags Robinson. Why else did he sign up for a wealthy German Neo-organisation rather than set up his own independent but unknown brand of far right politics? The handsome salary Stephen Yaxley Lennon is raking it in big-time for speaking duties in Dresden, an unquestionable farce that should set alarm bells ringing in the heads of even the most numbed-skulled faithful.

Less than handsome will be the flotsam and jetsam of the pillocks who will turn up religiously on the orders of their saviour Tommy "Tit" Robinson, laugh bait like sex-pest punchbag Dave Bolton, returning to stewarding, and that peculiar little toothless Nazi punk who isn't Scottish but wears a kilt at EDL demos. The same old faces supplemented by a handful of new Kipper ones who will experience at first hand what its like to have pissed-up fellow Nazis pissing down their leg, cocks out in public the rule not the exception. Outside Halifax Town Hall, last year, at a supposed protest against sexual exploitation, EDLers were unsurprisingly arrested for indecent exposure.

Penned-into the Pegida pen whilst convicted brutal wifebeater Lennon pretends to champion women's rights, squeezing continued tasteless political capital out of Cologne, pressed arse to crotch with unperfumed perverts rubbing against you while you are not looking, and nicking from your purse or wallet, UKIP converts to worshipping at Tommy's Temple are set for a baptism of fire to Germanic neo-Nazism.

* Just to add, for the sake of any braindead fascist trolls reading this via Twitter, Islam is not a race, but neither is Judaism. Both are religions, whose members are targeted first and foremost for their non-Aryan origin. A mere glance at fascist Facebook groups will uncover repeated use the p-word by EDL morons.




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