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ANON ANTIFA: NO PASARAN! | 30.11.2015 09:43 | Anti-racism | Indymedia | Repression | London | World

One of the most vilest and hateful racist / Islamophobic twitter accounts is Juliette (@juliet777777) who pretends they live in the United Kingdom. Obsessively tweeting extreme hatred against Muslims throughout the day or night, an early tweet from 2012 reveals "Juliette" to be a male hedge fund ex-banker from Hudson, New York called Bruce Krasting. Leading a double life, in the public eye as a seemingly non-radical financial markets commentator appearing on Fox and other media outlets, and online as vile far right Islamophobic troll @juliet777777, Krasting's beliefs are driven by extremist Rapturist Christianity which wants to see all Muslims dead, a philosophy which bastardises The Second Thessalonians, Gospel of Matthew, First Corinthians and the Book of Revelations, "Juliette" happily retweeting white supremacists and Hitler worshippers with shocking regularity.

Bruce Krasting Uncovered
Bruce Krasting Uncovered

Serious Wibble - Christian Fundamentalism
Serious Wibble - Christian Fundamentalism

Bruce Krasting - American Man poses as British Woman
Bruce Krasting - American Man poses as British Woman

By his own biography, Bruce Krasting worked for twenty five years on Wall Street unashamedly gambling with the fruits of world economies, the publicly discredited form of investment banking responsible for two stock market crashes and billions of ruined lives, starvation and poverty worldwide, and yet, hypocritically, his Twitter hate account, where he pretends to be a female UK resident called Juliette (@juliet777777) blames Muslims for all of the world's ills. Employed by Drexel Burnham Lambert, Citicorp, Credit Suisse and Irving Trust Corp over the years, as alter-ego "Juliette", Bruce Krasting tweets constant hatred towards Muslims, quick to tar the vast majority of peaceful Muslims with the atrocities of ISIS, calling for their persecution and extermination with morbid enthusiasm.

Like Alan Ayling AKA "Alan Lake", Krasting was in at the deep end of free market hedge fund banking. Like Ayling also, "Juliette" has been a cheerleader for the EDL and is a fundamentalist Christian with pro-Israel leanings. With twelve thousand followers on Twitter, Krasting ("Juliette") is an outspoken supporter of Israeli violence against Palestine, and yet, like so many fellow anti-Jihadist extremists, Krasting's hate tweets are motivated (as a non-Jewish person) not by a fundamentalist following of Judiasm, but rather, as a Christian devotee of the second coming of Christ, in a biblical fundamentalist doomsday theory known as the Rapture, a radical and destructive form of Christianity based upon scriptures in the writings in Second Thessalonians, Gospel of Matthew, First Corinthians and the Book of Revelation. The 777777s in @juliet777777, refer to the supposed "Seven Days of Tribulation" which Christian Bible literalists believe will result in the end of the world when all non-Christians will perish.

Krasting is linked to two interrelated Christian extremist blogs ran by his other alter-ego "Canadian Stan" where Krasting as himself, now and again pops up as guest commentator (see the screenshots and the links). One of these extremist Rapture theory blogs is similar in URL to the notorious Twitter hate account (@juliet777777). Krasting and "Stan" lust for Israel to grow in strength, waring with Islamic countries, only for Jewish citizens of the State of Israel to eventually be destroyed by God as non-believers in the ultimate crusade. Inspired by the pseudo-sci fi books of Hal Lindsay, Krasting's Christian extremist blogs believe the European Union is the seven-headed beast with ten horns referred to in the Book of Revelation, Islam is the work of "the anti-Christ", and a one-world government run by Satan will lead to Armageddon. New world order conspiracy theories targeting Barack Obama wibble up blog readers to view world peace as being evil, and religious / racial war as being correct.

As UKIP and EDL supporting "Juliette", and a friend of Tommy Robinson and Pamela Geller, Krasting lends ethical approval to the mass slaughter of Muslims, only approving of calls for deadly Anders Breivik-style gun rampages against Muslims (see screenshot). In a world dominated by an irrational fear of mainstream Islam, the former hedge-fund banker is motivated by a Christian extremist ideology just as destructive as anything devised by the diseased minds of the so-called "Islamic State" (ISIS), a world view where everybody else on the planet who is non-white and refuses to believe in the second coming of Christ is ultimately destructible, including Atheists, liberal ecumenical Christians even, and in the end, all non-believers including Jews.

Whilst there is a rightly worldwide focus upon opposing fundamentalist Islamic beliefs, there is no such focus upon dismantling the mirror image of ISIS that is extreme Rapturist Christianity, and how such beliefs ultimately pose a considerable a danger to the supposed impartiality of the American government and military (especially if Donald Trump ever came to power). The FBI rate white terrorism as being far more dangerous than Islamic terrorism, and yet, governments and the media only see the mad mullah detonating the bomb, whilst turning a blind eye to the subtle, behind-the-scenes electronic radicalisation of white Christians by wealthy respectable white men set to an equally as deadly agenda.



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