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Does Met Cop Sir Bernard really care about dealing with Tower Hamlets Crimes?

TowerHamletsChampionsgazette | 16.03.2015 17:39 | Analysis | Repression | Social Struggles | London | World

Sir Bernard, Cllr Rabina Khan, Cllr Ohid Ahmed, Cllr Amy Whitelock and MPs' Home Affairs Cottee Chair Keith Vaz all feature here

Nah! The Greens won’t bring about a revolution in Tower hamlets.
Their mate Kenneth Livingstone will assure them things couldn’t be rosier in Tower hamlets.
In all this time, since Mr Gorgeous George Galloway took part in late 2009 in the certain destruction of the very tiny bits of local democracy there might have been, the Greens at the boro level have been dead.
Their former alleged local activist staged a walkout and has been known to contribute to the propaganda platforms, run by a certain Labour Party member who is beneficially linked with the present Tower Hamlets Council regime.
In common with the whole range of left on paper in Brit politics, the Greens have been silent about
The slow but certain destruction of the East End.
The Greens don’t make any waves at all for true local sustainable democracy.
And this is the case with the Greens historically.
It is as if they are shy about tackling the many serious problems that mar the attempt at getting any democratic service to the local people.
Be that in tower hamlets.
Be that in Newham.
Southwark, Hackney, Islington, Camden or Waltham Forest.
The token Greens spot that there is or has been in Lewisham is that – a token.
Darren Johnson has failed spectacularly when he was at the London assembly.
So has Jenny Jones.
All of this happened long before Ms Bennett got entangled in that LBC fade-out!
Even the allegedly polls-backed Caroline Lucas has not been a Greens campaigner most of her career at the EU or as a Westminster seat-holder.
She has been far less Green in her politics than most Labour and Lib Dems!
The Greens in Britain remain clueless about Council corruption, abuse and misuse of £Billions.
They have spectacularly failed to grab hold of a single one of the hot topics that could electorally any ‘new’ ‘emergent’ electoral rival e.g. UKIP.
In staging their ‘entry’ in Tower Hamlets in a Tory part of the Borough, the Greens have shown that they dare not tell the truth about crime that rules Tower Hamlets Council housing estates.
The Greens are, on that showing, mils behind even a moderate (that is Right-leaning) Labours who have gone on the record to point out that Tower Hamlets Council housing is a disgrace.

Most people cannot enjoy basic amenities of a home on these estates.

Criminals rule the estates.
Rabina Khan, who is touted to be a possible THF candidate if a rerun is held for elected mayor, is completely silent on her own ward – Shadwell...
Shadwell is one of ten Wards that are out of bounds.
The Police keep away.
As do most families.
The only visible humans on Shadwell streets– besides the Witney market and the nearby DLR stop and the shops on the vicinity – are groups that are being allowed the freedom of the streets!
This is the sort of freedom that will ruin Shadwell as it will do the rest of Tower hamlets.
Sir Bernard HH, the Met Police boss man, assured the House of Commons Home affairs Select Committee that the three schoolgirls who are in Syria with the IS, will be treated as victims.
Sir Bernard assured Keith Vaz that the school girls will be treated as victims of crime and not as terrorists.
Nice Media piece for Sir Bernard.
He won’t visit poplar estates.
Or Bethnal Green.
Or Wapping.
Or Shadwell.
Brick Lane
It is as if the Police have an agenda which is based on a deal with the local Council.
When it is crime fighting it must be Ohid.
Cllr Ohid used to be the deputy mayor with community safety.
What he has introduced into British local Politics must be put up for a ward by the Queen.
Ohid Ahmed’s walkabout!
He walks about with Lil Collins when she isn’t being unavailable.
then he has the Tower Hamlets Borough Commander of the Met police.
Lil Collins and the Met Police Commander add badly needed diversity factors to Cllr Ohid Ahmed’s walkabout exhibitions.
He can accurately claim to have a white woman Labour Party ex with him and he of course has no less than the Met Police’s Borough Commander with him.
That is it.
Except the photographers and video recorders.
Off they go
No more crime in the streets walked on by Cllr Ohid.
And no one can deny that Cllr Ohid is truly the Champion.
Unless there is a Councillor called Amy Whitelock.
She knows for a fact that residents’ lives are being made miserable by criminals roaming or occupying estate after estate in Tower Hamlets.
“Tell them” what you are boasting of as “Champions, Cllr Ohid”, said Amy Whitelock.
Answer there came none.
How many other Amy Whitelock are there in Tower Hamlets/
Is Rabina Khan one of those, aware of the residents being given nightly nightmare by the crims on license from Cllr Ohid Ahmed's Council Champions Regime?
Or is Rabina Khan backing Ohid Ahmed’s champions and condemning the long suffering residents Amy Whitelock spoke of?



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