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Yorkshire Ripper farce - new fake TV documentary

Peter Newman | 27.10.2014 13:30 | Analysis | Policing | London | Sheffield

Ever since the fabrication of The Peter Sutcliffe Myth, the mainstream media have kept repeating the police version of events. The truth rarely gets a look in.


Yet another fake TV documentary to buttress up The Peter Sutcliffe Myth


Investigation Discovery / ID Channel, UK
(Channel number 214, Virgin cable in UK)
Monday 27 October 2014, 9 p.m. (21.00)
(Already shown Saturday 25th)


This time the presenter is a greying Martin Kemp (Steve in Eastenders in the 1990s), which is its only saving grace.

Apart from that, these fake documentaries just get more and more exasperating.

For example the illustrious Keith Hellawell declaring that prior to Wilma and Emily,
“our murder detection rate was …high…We had no outstanding or unsolved murders.”

THAT, coming from a member of the most corrupt team of policemen in 20th century England.
Keith Hellawell is fully aware of what happened to Stephan Kiszko, Anthony Steele, Judith Ward and others, at a time when there were “no unsolved murders” in West Yorkshire.

Yes of course there were “no unsolved murders” in West Yorkshire prior to The Yorkshire Ripper - because Dick Holland was beating the shite out of innocent men in the soundproofed basements of Millgarth to ‘balance the books’ with fake ‘confessions.’

Keith Hellawell forgot to mention that little detail.


The young whippersnapper was there too - the greatest motivational speaker in the world. I don’t even want to type his name now. He sickens me. It’s the falseness.


The boot prints beside Emily’s body and in Tina’s bedroom - did it never occur to the cops that they might have been left at the crime scenes to DELIBERATELY MISLEAD the investigation, just like the letters and tape later on?

The Yorkshire Ripper put a lot of thought into stage managing the crime scenes, unlike the chaotic, bumbling ‘cover version’ - the imitation ripper, Peter Sutcliffe.

Furthermore, The Yorkshire Ripper was determined to evade capture, unlike Peter Sutcliffe.

Wearing the wrong size boots while on the job would have been typical of The Yorkshire Ripper’s cunning.

And that’s why The Yorkshire Ripper was never caught.

Assume nothing when you’re studying this amazing and fascinating subject (which remains taboo while Jim Hobson is still alive).


No mention of the glaring *nonsequitor* in George Oldfield’s assumption that the voice on the tape was the voice of the killer and therefore the killer must have a ‘geordie’ accent.
And no mention of the fact that the use of the word ‘geordie’ only added another layer of confusion and incompetence, since the voice on the tape did not have a geordie accent at all, but the very different Sunderland/Castletown accent. Yorkshire detectives should have known that much at least.


No mention of the fact that Peter Sutcliffe clearly WANTED to be arrested and actually FORCED the police to arrest him, mainly because no matter how hard Peter Sutcliffe tried to get himself arrested in West Yorkshire, the West Yorkshire Police wouldn’t have him because he had the ‘wrong’ accent!

In contrast with the wimpish Peter Sutcliffe, The REAL Yorkshire Ripper was determined to evade capture. That was clear from the start. He was happy to allow the amateurish ‘cover version,’ Peter Sutcliffe, to ‘steal his crown.’

To be The Yorkshire Ripper and NOT to get caught - that was good enough for the REAL Yorkshire Ripper. That was his victory, that was his ‘high.’


Unlike previous such documentaries, Martin Kemp’s presentation omits the painfully embarrassing extract from The Fake Press Conference.

A wise move, though belatedly. If your agenda is to buttress up the lie, The Peter Sutcliffe Myth, you don’t want your viewers to see the expressions of FEAR and SHAME on the faces of The Three Stooges at the Fake Press Conference, the fear and shame and nervous body language that could not be concealed by the fake smiles.
And you wouldn’t want your viewers to see Ronald Gregory turning to George Oldfield in the glare of the world’s TV cameras and - effectively - ordering George Oldfield to get that fake smile back onto his face!


Peter Sutcliffe’s trial commenced on 29 April 1981, less than four months after his arrest.

Why so quick?

Ronald Castree and John Humble were on remand for over a year before their fake trials began. The intention was to ensure that Ronald Castree and John Humble would be completely broken emotionally, and would keep quiet in court. By contrast, they wanted to fast track Peter Sutcliffe through the court, to ‘strike while the iron was hot,’ while Peter Sutcliffe was still reading from the script - after having being promised a short spell in a comfortable mental home for ten years, in return for letting them pin the Yorkshire Ripper killings on him.


It’s a sordid business - this series of increasingly dumbed down fake documentaries.

The only saving grace this time is the presence of the greying Martin Kemp, who is a man I always found likeable. Some men (and women) age beautifully.

Martin Kemp is not corrupt. He is just being used, He would have received a bit of discreet ‘guidance’ from some well placed media stooge.
(The number of stooges/infiltrators is not high, but they are everywhere, in ‘key’ positions, and that is enough.)

The Agenda is simple. If the stooges keep repeating a lie in the media over many years, the vast majority of the human population will believe it and parrot it.

In this case the LIE is that Peter Sutcliffe is the Yorkshire Ripper.

And the TRUTH is:

The Yorkshire Ripper was never caught.

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