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Daring dawn blockade of Britain's Nuclear weapons factory

Yorkshire CND | 19.05.2014 06:39 | Anti-Nuclear | London | Sheffield

This morning at 7.20am a group of peace campaigners began blockading the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) site at Burghfield, near Reading. The protesters, acting as part of ActionAWE campaign of non-violent direct action, are trying to disrupt construction of a new nuclear warhead factory on the site.

Daring dawn blockade of Britain's Nuclear weapons factory

This morning at 7.20am a group of peace campaigners began blockading the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) site at Burghfield, near Reading. The protesters, acting as part of ActionAWE [1] campaign of non-violent direct action, are trying to disrupt construction of a new nuclear warhead factory on the site.

The new development at AWE Burghfield is being built at a cost to the tax payer of almost £2 billion, despite the fact that parliament has yet to vote on replacing the current generation of nuclear warheads that the site would build.

The protesters were locked together using handcuffs inside 'lock-on' devices - made from drainpipes, and vegetable oil drums filled with concrete in order to block the gate to the construction site to prevent further work on the site.

Amy Clark, 19, a Peace Studies Student at Bradford University said “Public money is already being spent in its millions toward the renewal of trident. The final decision on renewal must be made by 2016 so it's time to act now to stop it.”

Phil Wood, 20, a Politics Student also at Bradford University added “To be spending millions of pounds and planning to spend billions more on nuclear weapons while cutting back on essential public services that people rely on is unforgivable”

Catherine Bann, 40, mother of two from Todmorden, said: "The money we would spend renewing Trident could pay for all A & E hospital departments in the country for the next 40 years! It's a huge waste of public money to be investing in nuclear weapons, and people like us must make a stand now, so that future generations do not have to bear the cost.”

Matt Fawcett, 39, from Yorkshire CND said: "This 'do as we say, not as we do' policy of telling other countries they can't develop nuclear weapons while we spend billions developing new weapons of our own, not only undermines attempts to limit the spread of nuclear weapons but also discredits Britain on the world stage. Polls show 87% of the British public are against spending on new nukes at a time of such drastic cuts, yet the construction goes on at Burghfield without any parliamentary debate"

For further details contact:

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Notes to editors
The UK has an armed nuclear submarine on patrol and ready to fire at all times, with the ability to wipe out cities almost anywhere on earth within 15 minutes[2]. The UK has a stockpile of around 225 nuclear warheads[3], each with eight times the explosive power of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945 [4] that killed an estimated 140,000 to 200,000 people. Running the Trident nuclear weapons system currently costs £2 billion a year[5], and has not seen any of the cutbacks facing other government spending and public services. The government will vote in 2016 to decide whether to invest in the UK’s Trident nuclear weapon system for another 30 years.

Operated by a consortium of Jacobs Engineering Group, Lockheed Martin and Serco, AWE Burghfield plays an integral part in the final assembly and maintenance of nuclear warheads for use in the Trident system[6]. In 2011 Peter Luff, the then Minister for Defence Equipment, announced £2 billion of spending for redevelopment of the Burghfield and Aldermaston weapons factories[7]. The total spending on Weapons of Mass Destruction in the UK will soar to over £100 Billion should the government take the decision to renew Trident in 2016 [8].

Action AWE (Atomic Weapons Eradication) is a grassroots campaign of nonviolent action dedicated to halting nuclear weapons production at the Atomic Weapons Establishment factories at Aldermaston and Burghfield.



[3]Stockholm International Peace Research Institute:‎

[4] UK warheads are thought to have a yield of 80-100kt.




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Yorkshire CND


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Well done

19.05.2014 09:31

Great to see there are still some people prepared to stand up and protest against Trident. The demise of Trident Ploughshares and closure of the Aldermaston Camp were a real low point a few years ago and having read that CND membership was no longer enough to enable them to pay their bills I was begining to think all nuclear wepon resistence had ceased in this country.

Makes me proud to know that these two young people are standing up for the rest of us.

Clapping and cheering you


19.05.2014 14:57

If the report gave the impression that only two people attended the protest that was incorrect, in fact there was a total of five

Thank you

Yorkshire CND

CND needed now more than ever

20.05.2014 10:48

The NATO sabre rattling and false flag operations in the Ukraine show just how eager they are to show off their nuclear toys and bring us all to the point of global destruction. There is not a single threat to the UK that requires us to have nuclear weapons (or indeed any substantial military spending) proving that these are weapons of OFFENSIVE not defence.

Russia the succesor nation to the USSR (the real defeater of Facism despite what US films would have you believe) is helping to support those individuals seeking self determination and a break from the Neo-Nazi Western puppets in Kiev and for that it is threatened with nuclear destruction !!!

The people of this country need to rise up, join our brothers and sisters in those countries prepared to make a stand against UK/US/Israeli imperialism and bring the new dawn of fresh hope.



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