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Michael Gove deserves to be tried for aiding and abetting Blair's war crimes

TheEnglishConstitutionalist | 27.08.2013 17:10 | Afghanistan | Anti-militarism | London | World

Today’s DAILY MAIL front-page about MPs demanding a debate on Cameron’s plot on attacking Syria is a vacuous one. MPs will NOT halt Cameron. they didn’t halt Blair in 2003! The "broadsheet" the London daily the INDEPENDENT is blocking comments that expose Michael Gove's role as Tony Bliar's Goebbels via the BBC during the years of the Blair GW Bush attack on Iraq and Afghanistan. This behaviour is forcing observers to ask: it isn’t, is it? the ‘it’ and the innuendo-ed state being ‘independent’!
Whatever might have caused the ‘Indy’ to sink to the gutters as another courier of unconstitutionality, rampaging lies for warocracy!

Michael Gove is to attack Ed Miliband for undoing the work of New Labour and allowing the party to “sink back into their pre-Blair position of living in the unions' shadow”.

You [the INDEPENDENT] have very succinctly stated the crisis that is at the heart of British Politics.
A supposed Conservative banking on Tony Blair’s inroads into democracy!
Not bad as a confession.
Which helps to explain why Gove, along with David Arronovitch and Andrew Pierce, was one of the quartet of BBC war propagandists that did so much to make Tony Blair’s war on the Iraqi people look justifiable, legal and Constitutional!
That war was and is a crime against humanity.
It was also a crime against democracy and Constitutionality. Its nasty repercussions are being perpetrated and felt daily even today, ten and a half years since it was mounted.
Gove is not fit to even talk about Society, let alone preach on it!
Unless as a real life incarnation of evil.
If Blair is ever tried for his crimes against humanity then Michael Gove should be tried along with him too.
Organs like the Independent must not be acting as platforms for criminals against humanity, violators of Constitutionality, deniers of Society!



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Silly Daily Mail reader!

27.08.2013 18:02

There will be no attack against Syria.

What on earth have they got to shoot at...a chemical weapons factory!

A missile assault would be pointless in the extreme.


are you serious?

27.08.2013 22:13

Nothing to attack ?!!!!

Good job you aint in charge of anything military then.

thank god

Depleted Uranium is a war-crime

27.08.2013 23:02

Funny how the American & British governments don't try to adopt the moral high-ground when it's their chemical and radiological weapons that are poisoning innocent men, women and children -


BBC has unveiled its new crew member in the new Goebbles role -

27.08.2013 23:17

2305 GMT

The BBC has acted fast in order to get a suitable replacement on for the likes of
Michael Gove as war-monger propaganda Media face.

It is Daisy McAndrew, who was slotted this evening to appear on the BBC News Channel doing The Papers.

Daisy McAndrew as Daisy Sampson had almost made a semi career as a part time political commentator. Until now. She is now a fully working [mentally at least] member of the war-mongers' club. As she showed on the BBC.

The hairdo was very much the businesslike as different from the glamorous [her semi-professional appearance], as if to stress the utter urgency of the need to argue for war on Syria.
As well as the Oona King-like hurried last words in a fade-out audio in the sentences as McAndrew repeatedly came back, feigning loss of breath, just how concerned and anxious she was feeling to get it across to the “thick public watching” that only because Blair had got it wrong did not mean that Cameron can't be trusted when he gives the alarm.

McAndrew had never before been noted or counted for her expertise on International law let alone on her knowledge of the Constitution or the purpose of the UNO.

But in a couple of hasty statements this evening she deftly disposed of the need to bother with the UNO. It is the red line of chemical weapons and the only little problem is for Cameron to convince MPs that he, Cameron, can be trusted!

Then the killing of the Syrians can commence!

The attempts by the token male from “i” newspaper on the BBC slot The Papers to try to argue the opposite, sort of, was not successful in stemming the tide of the war propagandist Daisy McAndrew!


And again.

28.08.2013 13:38

"Nothing to attack ?!!!! Good job you aint in charge of anything military then"

I say again...

What on earth have they got to shoot at...a chemical weapons factory!

P.S. The answer to this question is no, they cannot fire missiles at a chemical weapons factory. But they have a whole range of targets of Syrian military positions which have been given to US strategy planners by rebels. These are the targets that will be attacked. The Chem weapons story is only for the mugs.



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