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Solidarity actions continue for Austrian activists

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The next evaluation of the detention for the animal rights activists in Austria will take place today in Wiener Neustadt, Vienna. There the decision will be made as to whether the activists will remain in remand custody. To inform the public and the media about the new evaluation and this Austrian Affair, activists spread the word for their freedom two days before, on the 2nd of July.

Here are some pictures and communiques leading upto and on the day of action...


Barcelona, SPAIN
Barcelona, SPAIN

Hamburg, GERMANY
Hamburg, GERMANY

Helsinki, FINLAND
Helsinki, FINLAND

London, UK
London, UK


Stockholm, SWEDEN
Stockholm, SWEDEN

Tel Aviv, ISRAEL
Tel Aviv, ISRAEL

Piglet liberated, UK
Piglet liberated, UK


7th - 28th June -

anonymous communique (translation):

"Coca-Cola, one of the American multinationals responsible for the destruction of our planet, complicit in the exploitation and theft of water from indigenous communities (Chiapas), generating human exploitation by forcing children to work more than 10 hours a day in their sugarcane crops (El Salvador), massive pollution of rivers with toxic products (India), contractor of paramilitary groups that killed union workers (Colombia), financer of death by voluntarily giving a portion of their profits to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, racist since the days of Nazi Germany, partnering with large magnates and multinationals such as Nestle, McDonalds, Chrysler, Texaco, (likewise) responsible for global warming, the brutal exploitation of the land and the food crisis afflicting the world today, should be a primary objective for all those combatants who are fighting against the many aberrations and for the liberation of the land, animals and humans, because this global company alone is an example of the influence of the capitalist system on its owners, the extreme abuse of power and the advancing of its global control over many innocents.
Hence the Frente de Liberación de la Tierra has taken firm action against this scourge; in the evening of June 5 the walls of the company were splashed with paint with a special stench, the vehicles of the administrators were likewise victims of our first but not last attack.
We will return but with even more force.

Dedicated to the fighters of Austria = recently imprisoned by the fascist state of that country.

..:FLT:.. – Estado de México"


anonymous reports:

30th May - h 21.00 - Mountains of Emilia Region, Italy.
We set on fire a hunting tower placed in a wood populated by boars.
We have destroyed it with two liters of gasoline ignited by a retardant primer.
- A.L.F. -

Night of 5th June - Emilia Region, Italy.
A small chicken farm was visited again (see the communique of last month).
We have liberated one cock (the only male present) and slashed the tires of the car of the farmer.
- A.L.F. -

These actions are dedicated to Paola. She is a vegan, animal rights activist, prisoner in 'Le Sughere' Italian jail.
Please write* and support her.
Also, please support the victims of state repression in Italy and Austria.
Freedom for all!
Liberta 'per tutti!"


anonymous communique:

"Over the past two weeks the homes of 3 Novartis directors have been attacked with various graffiti. We also went to the headquarters of Novartis to express ourselves about the recent arrests of activists engaged in the struggle for animal liberation.

The message is this: At each measure that the police use to tighten their repression of us, we increase our actions even further.

Cut your ties with HLS and take your dirty hands off the animals at once!

We will not stop until the last cage is empty!
It's now or never, animal liberation by all means!



13 hens rescued

Animal Liberation Victoria's Openrescue team saved the lives of 13 battery hens from abysmal conditions inside an Australian egg laying factory today (June 22, 2008). The rescue was in solidarity with the ten Austrian animal activists who have been imprisoned without reasonable cause since May 21. Some of the activists are on hunger strike, including Dr Martin Balluch who hasn't eaten for a month and is currently being forcefed inside the prison hospital.

Six activists literally saved the lives of many hens as well as removing them from the putrid shed. Two hens were found near death caught trapped in the wire and baffle plate of their cages, and eight others were rescued from a manure pit filled with oozing excrement, dead bodies, dying hens, beetles, rats and feral cats. When Setha, who was on his first rescue, realised the hens were trapped in the manure pit he immediately jumped down to help them. One of the numerous hens he saved from a sure death of starvation and dehydration in the pit we named Martina in honor of Martin Balluch. This hen was severely emaciated and dehydrated and on death's door, she weighed less than half a kilogram. Martina has incredible spirit and is slowly starting to eat again. Others were ill and weighted down with heavy manure balls.

The last two photos feature Martina. Each Austrian prisoner has a rescued hen named in their honor. Christine for Christian, Christa for Christof, Elmara for Elmar, Felicitas for Felix, Jan for Jan, Jurga for Jurgan, Keva for Kevin, Lea for Leo, Martina for Martin and Sabine for Sabine.

ALV have carried out numerous rescues at this property over ten years and made countless complaints to the authorities, especially about the hens dying in the manure pits. Nobody cares.... the Austrian activists DO! Stand up and be a voice for them and the hens.

Free the Austrian Activists & Free the Animals



"On thursday 12 of june we freed a wild boar in Caceres. We opened the fence that kept him encaged. This easy action has given back freedom to an animal that was waiting to be murdered by hunters.

We want to show our solidarity with our Austrian comrades repressed and to every animal liberation activist in jail.



anonymous report:

"The ALF are claiming responsibility for a piglet liberated from a farm in the UK. She was found living in a bare concrete enclosure with many other piglets; her life in the hands of murderous animal abusers. Action was taken and she has been taken to a safe place where she can be cared for and be free.

Dedicated to imprisoned Austrian activists!
Until all are free!
ALF x"


received anonymously:

"On June 1 the bottler and distributor of the multinational coca cola was attacked in Mexico state; its walls were covered in paint and a large painting at the entrance read, 'Multinational murderers;' the attacks do not stop and will go on increasing.

Solidarity with prisoners of Austria!
For animal liberation!
For the liberation of the land!
For human liberation!
Sabotage and direct action!




Message from Austrian Prisoner Martin Balluch (43rd day in prison)

New Development: Public Prosecution Fabricates Arson Attack


March in Vienna: (21st June)

Global actions: (17th June) (9th June) (24th May)

Latest news: (ENG) / /

Smash Repression!


Letter from other Prisoners; Felix, Elmar & Chris

04.07.2008 17:45


Solidarity protest videos & open rescue

04.07.2008 17:49

smash 278a

List of demos 2nd-4th July

08.07.2008 20:02

31 demos in just a couple of days...

Vienna, Pressconference Café Landtmann
Vienna, Justizministerium "§ 278a: Only some have been hit, but we're all being targeted"
Vienna, Justizanstalt Josephstadt
Vienna, Uni Campus
Wr. Neustadt, Justizanstalt
Linz, Taubenmarkt
Salzburg, Am Platz'l in front of Kleider Bauer for solidarity, freedom of speech and against the prohibition of the anti-fur demonstrations in front of shops of the Brothers Peter and Werner Graf
Klagenfurt/Celovec, stall at Alten Platz
Graz, Hauptplatz
Switzerland, Bern in front of the Austrian Embassy
Switzerland, Zürich
Germany, Berlin in front of the Austrian Embassy
Germany, München in front of the Austrian Consulate
Germany, Stuttgart in front of the Austrian Honore Consulate
Germany, Stuttgart against fur and repression
Germany, Frankfurt in front of the Austrian Delegation of Trade
Germany, Hamburg, Rallie to the Austrian General Consulate (German)
Sweden, Stockholm in front of the Austrian Embassy
Finnland, Helsinki in front of the Austrian Embassy
Italy, Rome in front of the Austrian Embassy
Italy, Mailand in front of the Austrian Consulate
Italy, Bologna in front of the Austrian Consulate
Poland, Warschau in front of the Austrian Embassy
England, London
England, Edingborow
South Africa
USA, New York
USA, Washington DC

See full chronicle list:

Smash Repression!


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