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Papers for All fundraising party

Teresa | 10.11.2007 13:01 | Migration | London

Friday November 16th at the RAMPART SOCIAL CENTRE in Whitechapel.

Music and dance from aound the world: SOFIA BUCHUCK(Peruvian Singer), DEMONS IN PARADISE (electro acoustic) RUBEN H & THE LANDING SKY (indie rock) & ABLEDEI UK (African Drumming & Dance).
call 07 900 405 787 if you have questions or want to become involved.

£5 suggested donation

Papers for all is a campaign calling for the right of asylum seekers and other migrants to stay in the UK, whatever country they come from and however long they have been here. We think one way to support people who are fighting to stay here could be to campaign for an amnesty or regularisation. We would like to hear what you think about an amnesty or regularisation, and we would love for you to get involved in the campaign. We think a campaign for migrants’ rights should always give migrants a chance to speak and shape the future direction of the campaign.

Unlike some of the other campaigns calling for an amnesty/regularisation, we do not believe there should be any conditions or exceptions attached to an amnesty. We believe everybody should get the right to stay, not just a few. But we would like to see what you think. Please let us know by filling the questionnaire below. We will be holding a Speak-Out event early nest year where some of the responses will be read out, and you would be very welcome to come along to that and share your views.

The Papers for All coalition includes: All Women’s Group, Barbed Wire Britain, Bolivia Solidarity Campaign, Campaign to Close Campsfield, Coalition to Stop Deportation to Iraq, Colombia Solidarity Campaign, Congo Support Project, Day-Mer Halkevi Turkish Community Centre, Ecuatorian Movement in the UK, Latin American Community Association, Legal Action for Women, Women of Colour in the Global Women’s Strike, London No Borders.

We are calling for:
- Regularisation for all migrants. No one is illegal
- The closure of all detention centres, because moving country is not a crime
- An end to all deportations & the externalisation process turning countries on the edges of the EU into holding camps.
- Full labour tights for all workers, independently of their migration status. Stop pitching workers against each other.
- And end to the apartheid system of benefits, health care, housing
- And legal representation, and the deliberate policy of destitution for asylum seekers whose case have been refused.
- Official recognition of rape as torture and persecution

If you’d like to take part in the Papers For All Campaign, or find out ore about our events and actions, please contact

What does the word amnesty means to you?
Is regularisation the same thing as amnesty?
Who should get an amnesty or regularisation?
Only people who have been her for at least 4 years?
Only people who have worked here for at least 4 years?
Only people who can speak English?
Only people who have family with immigration status?
Only people who can get good references from their employers and the community?
Other (please explain)

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could you please explain........

15.11.2007 02:29

I am having a bit of a problem understanding exactly where you are coming from here. When you say 'papers for all' what do you mean exactly, what message are you putting across? Do you really believe that giving everyone papers will contribute in the long run to their freedom? Do you believe in ID cards? Do you really think that by advocating a system that will enable the full systematic logging of everyone and their movements, and therefore their potential control, is a step towards emancipation? Your intentions may be noble, but can you not see that by saying that everyone should have the 'right' to have papers you are asking that everyone should have the 'right' to be tracked and monitored. The sort of papers that you are advocating have only really become a systematic norm since the second world war, there was no need before then. It is only because governments realised what a useful control technique they were that they have been kept and promulgated. Surely your slogan should be 'no more papers!', not your current one- 'papers for all', which seems akin to me to saying, 'bigger cages, more bars!'


Paper Quality

21.11.2007 03:50

I share the raised concern. I support free travel and open borders and, in the metaphysical sense, papers for all, ie papers means rights, not actual papers. If you share this belief, brilliant, if not, I do hope at the meeting or on this website you can explain why papers are so important. To think in paper currency is not a challenge to the paper-issuers, just their policies. Perhaps this is too simplified, but I believe that the Cuban is the perfect citizen in the UK - if he stays here for more than 11 months, he is not evictable nor is he allowed papers. But we need to make it possible for more people to be in this position of attack on the paper issuers who are not worth the paper they print.

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