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Space Hijacker | 18.04.2007 19:30 | Culture | Free Spaces | Workers' Movements | London

For those who don't want to march, how about some dancing on Mayday.

The Haymarket Martyrs were protesting for an 8 hour day, a 9-5. When was the last time anyone just worked 9-5? Why should we live in a world where profit is put above anything else, what about the planet, what about our lives, how about some fun?

Invite your friends
Invite your friends

Dressing Up Guide
Dressing Up Guide

The people who brought you the circle line parties are at it again, only this time it's cheekier, in disguise and probably a bit naughtier!

We are fed up with the profit chasing corporate culture we live in. Where money comes above all else, certainly above quality of life, the state of the planet and even fun. To rectify the situation, and to resurect an ancient day of trouble and celebration we are going to be hosting a dance in the streets of corporate London. There will be a singalonga with Jarvis (because as he said "Cunt's are still running the world"), a secret samba band, and many more tricks up our sleeve.

However we're not going to do all the work, were anarchitects after all! The party will require a bit of homework on your behalf! If you have always had a desire to gig in public, now's your chance, if you have a super duper sound system you have hidden a briefcase, well why not show it off. If you have any other naughty plans, then get planning. We're not your boss, we're a bit like your mate who eggs you on too much.

We're hosting a huge party in a secret location in corporate London, but to sneak past the police, and allow everyone to converge, you are going to need a disguise. You need to get yourself a suit and look the part. There is a guide at the bottom of the page.

Then at 5pm on Tues May 1st we will be kicking off the beats. Location at the mo is top secret, so check the day before for details, and invite your friends.

Space Hijacker
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Dancing in The Streets! - Meeting Point:

01.05.2007 14:12

Hi, this is the location for today's Dancing in The Streets MayDay cellebration:

Meeting Point:
5pm by the clocks
Reuters Square / Canada Square
The south side of Canary Wharf - London

The party starts at 5pm prompt, however in order to arrive safely and sneak along, we recommend that you arrive early and have a drink in one of the many nearby bars.

Remember stealth and cunning is the key to getting this party started, dress in disguise (look as corporate as possible, see the dressing up guide below), if you are asked any questions insist that you work there and are just dancing along with everyone else.

If you are going to bring drinks, make them subtle, hip flasks not cans of Stella. Alternatively drink in the nearby bars.

Join in the singalonga - print out a song sheet available below.
Bring friends, bring instruments, bring bands, bring drinks and cakes to share, bring smiles and bring your dancing shoes!

See more here:



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how to dress from Manchester

18.04.2007 21:08

People from Manchester should also go to the protest dressed like workers from their local council.

All fancy dress constumes can be bought from PRIMARK of if your feeling rich then MATALAN, also dont forget to Zeig Hail


March n Party on Mayday!

18.04.2007 21:37

Fpr those who do wanna come on the march too, I promise a free drink to every autonomous bloc participant! Hows that for a bribe?! :) Im kinda serious too.... ;)

But seriously, Im planning on doing both, no reasons why not! Im looking forward to a nice chilled march surrounded by comrades and red n black flags, followed by a wicked party to finish the day! So hope to see you at both!



It's o.k.

18.04.2007 22:20

It's o.k. this event is starting long after the march so there won't be a clash, just a suggestion just be a bit warily of what you wear as I'm sure the inspectors will be looking for suited people in the block! and like wise black up block in the city. I don't know what to suggest?!?! One benefit thou' that were will be people who won't be otherwise be able to make to the protest will be in suits anyway. The best bet is to leave a change of clothes somewhere rather than bring with you on the march. Just a thought.

It's o.k.

Yes plenty of time for both

19.04.2007 09:20

Yes indeed there is plenty of time to do both.

March is from 11am, Party from 5pm.

Just be sure to arrive at the party a little early so you can get your bearings and blend in a bit. If bundles of suits leave the march at 4pm in a block heading off to our location it's going to be a bit obvious.

Split into small groups, think James Bond, and be stealth.

You're undercover, you're one of the avengers, one of charlie's angels.

Bristly Pioneer

Not too obvious...

19.04.2007 11:01

Yeh agree with warnings to not get followed from march bloc to party in suits!!

Suits in breif cases in throw away bags companeros! See you there....


Er not being funny

19.04.2007 17:02

but if you are announcing the location on your website 24 hours in advance surely all this James Bond sneaking around is going to count for shit because the police will already be at the location.



20.04.2007 13:49

Yes the police will be aware of the location. But if everyone dresses up in disguise well, then they are going to find it impossible to tell the workers from the activists. If they try and kettle the party (or bubble as they now call it) then they are going to end up coralling numerous city workers in the process.

If you look the part, and act the act, then you can demand to be let out of any police grouping and they are going to have a nightmare controlling the situation.

So undercover stealth is still the key.

We just don't want them to have too much planning time for the actual location.

Bristly Pioneer


26.04.2007 21:14

i've got so many suits i just don't know which to wear.


is it alright to turn up without?



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