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Bush/Blair Damage Control Conference - a view from the States

d.o. | 20.11.2003 13:36 | Bush 2003 | Analysis | London

Today's joint damage conference performed by Bush & Blair is yet another stellar example of the collective neo-con delusion about the logical results of their belligerent policies.

Activists, sane policy wonks, and the intelligence community repeatedly warned the U.S. and UK governments about the blowback that would result from their pre-emptive attacks in the Gulf region. The bombing in Turkey is merely the most recent example of that warning come to life. Today's joint damage conference performed by Bush & Blair is yet another stellar example of the collective neo-con delusion about the logical results of their belligerent policies.

You can read about B&B's lame damage control here:,12956,1089465,00.html

And you can read what this particular U.S. citizen said back in February about the inevitable blowback here:

Blowback For Everyone!

by d.o.

As spineless Democrats cave-in to the Bush regime’s dangerous resolution of pre-emption in Iraq and take the bait of business-as-usual political posturing, the CIA reminds us (in a recently de-classified report) that Saddam Hussein will be more of a threat to the U.S. after an invasion than before. In classic Washington style, of course, most Democrats go for the worst option. One might wish they’d follow the lead of the majority of voters, if not in their wish not to go it alone in Iraq, than in the lame choice they feel forced to make at the polls every four years, voting for the lesser of two evils. Wish on. Instead the opportunistic recreant Dems, not wanting to appear soft on blood and guts macho warmongering, sign-on to their own, and our own, death certificates.
If you thought 9/11 was horrendous wait ‘til you see what Saddam and a good portion of the Arab world can dish up when their backs are up against the wall. When the shit hits the fan, say when a suitcase nuke goes off in some major metro downtown here on the home front or a biological weapon spreads some fearsome plague across the land, it won’t just be the people of the United States who suffer death and destruction, their will also be a sizable portion of political death and destruction served out to those who brought such horror upon our shores.
Massachusetts senator John Kerry will, no doubt, be one of the first to fall. He already self-destructed in the eyes of many Baystate voters when he stood in the blood-filled well of the U.S. Senate and signed-on to the Bush doctrine. The junior senator from Massachusetts sought in vain to have it both ways, like Senator Dodd of Connecticut, he spoke from both sides of his mouth at once, hoping to appear critical of the Administration’s insane policies while voting in support of them. You can’t fool all of the people all of the time. When it’s blowback time these voices of duplicity will be remembered as quickly as those of the present occupants in the Whitehouse.
Not all Democrats displayed the worst traits of humanity, however. Senators Byrd and Kennedy, among others, continue as we speak, to raise serious doubts about the rush to war. They pointed toward the CIA document in question and the despicable Republican political maneuvers of the past weeks. These are like voices in the wilderness, except there’s more sanity in wilderness than in the U.S. Senate. Forget the House of Representatives. That Other Body is a nest for the criminally insane where far-right ideologues place long outmoded puritanical concepts ahead of the welfare of the nation. All of those people will reap the whirlwind of their own ill-conceived policies. Frighteningly, some of the bible-bangers among them may even relish a holocaust. Pray they don’t have their way.
The clock is running out for The Empire. As the political elite in Washington prepares for pre-emptive war, and they are considering that mad policy, the barbarians prepare to storm the gates. The wheel of history goes round and round and, seemingly, few learn the lessons it teaches. Perhaps it is a flaw in the species; perhaps it is a deeply embedded suicidal population control mechanism; perhaps it is just plain stupidity. Regardless of the source, the names and faces of those who have brought it down upon us will be indelibly etched in our minds. History, after all, is the final judge and executioner.



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