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The Mela Cup – Asians Can Play Football

Mr Mela | 24.06.2007 14:52 | Culture | Health | Indymedia | Birmingham

The first National football cup competition within the British Asian community begins this year.

The Mela Cup – Asians Can Play Football

The first National football cup competition within the British Asian community begins this year.

Working in conjunction with 6 UK Mela Festivals to stage this event bringing together the local communities of each region, opening the competition to all of the community to include individual and mixed teams without restriction, giving equal opportunity to all and maintaining the spirit of Mela to integrate, educate and share an understanding of different cultures within the UK

The purpose of the Mela Cup is primarily to develop grassroots football within the Asian community but is an open event available to everyone in the country.

“Asians Can't Play Football” ? Still remains the tag within the British football culture and given the lack of Asian players who have not as yet, broken in to the ranks of professional football, there does appear to be a real lack of access, development and 'marginalisation' for the British Asian community preventing the grassroots spark of interest that can make that dream a reality.

The Mela Cup 2007 would be the first of an annual event, bringing football competition, skills, training and enjoyment of the game to Asian communities through out the UK.

This is an outdoor 5 a side competition, involving 6 regional heats of 32 teams, in 6 major cities with the winners of each region competing in the Finals.

We will also introduce an All-Stars team at each event made up of high profile stars from the Asian music scene and Bollywood all playing football together with the community.

Fundamentally, this should be a great event, entertaining for Mela audiences, involving participation, support and excitement for participants and supporters, bringing in children, adults and families to the Mela Festivals and giving a much needed sporting outlet to the community.

The Mela Cup will appear at Preston, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, London and Edinburgh.

The Grand finals of the Mela Cup will take at place at the Edinburgh Mela on Saturday 1st September and Sunday 2nd September at Pilrig Park.

*Last remaining places are now being accepted for the Preston Mela, Sunday 1st July at Moore Park.

Note to editor:

Details to be included:
Anyone wishing to enter the competition can register at
The Mela Cup regional finals will appear at :
Preston – 1st July
Manchester – 28th July
Birmingham – 29th July
London – 12th August
Newcastle – 25th August
Edinburgh – 26th August
Grand Finals – Edinburgh Mela – 1st & 2nd September
The event is open to 2 categories of teams.
Youth – 12 – 16 year old
Senior – 16+

Mr Mela
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