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#ANTIFA: TOMMY GOES ANTI-BLACK @slatukip @dubdanu @misscheeky666 @JLRFB @2FERDI7

ANTIFA INTERNATIONAL | 12.07.2016 14:54 | Anti-racism | Indymedia | Migration | London | Sheffield

ONCE a hardened Islamophobe goes anti-black, there's no turning back. Ex-leader of the English Defence League, Tommy Robinson, has, until now. shied away from openly supporting other forms of racism besides loathing Muslims, under strict orders from paymaster Pamela Geller to keep his hatred narrowly focused on one particular target. Under Geller's advice, Yaxley-Lennon established its notorious Uncle Tom divisions designed to masquerade the EDL's outright fascism as a purely anti-Muslim group, when, as known to just about everybody in the UK, EDL members are anti-everybody not from a straight, pure white Anglo-Saxon bloodline. Since the rise of Black Lives Matter, the worldwide antiracist organisation that campaigns against institutionalised anti-black racism, Tommy has returned to his BNP roots in tweeting hatred against black people, openly supporting the cold-blooded murders of innocent black men by US patrolmen.

WHEN Stephen Yaxley-Lennon joined the BNP, back in the days of anti-Semitic Holocaust denier Nick Griffin, he not only purchased a membership for himself, but for the whole of his family, including his long-term partner Jenna Vowles, who he viciously assaulted when high on cocaine. As committed as a BNP follower could possibly be, he was seen at BNP meetings in the backrooms of run-down pubs rubbing shoulders with all the notorious racists of the time, in the years before the formation of the BNP. In the mid 00s, black people were openly referred to as "animals" and "monkeys", and were viewed of being better endowed than the white Aryan "patriots" of the time, based upon the age-old racial virility stereotype of African slaves being "all brawn and no brains" sexually promiscuous subhumans, at a time when Victorian attitudes to sex predominated the colonies.

Witnessing mass anti-racist demos organised by African American people under the Black Lives Matter banner, protests which not only opposed racist policing but his redneck American hate idol - Donald Trump, Tommy has trashed Geller's protocol and let his inner anti-black racism rip - BIG TIME!

Falsely accusing black men murdered by the police such as #PhilandoCastile and Alton Sterling as being "paedophiles", rehashing a fake photo of Alton playing with guns with young boys he discovered on the white supremacist web, Tommy Robinson has well and truly gone back to his anti-black roots with a series of the most repulsive grave-spitting tweets imaginable, openly celebrating their deaths on Twitter, and telling horrific lies about the Black Lives Matter movement.

..... and using the KKK-originated term "white genocide"......

Tommy warned that one of the pictures he tweeted supposedly of Anton Stering and two little kids was a hoax: -