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Lara Saunders, my sister

Lucy Reid | 09.07.2016 01:53 | Indymedia

Lara Saunders was my older sister. She looked after her three younger siblings since she was about six.

Re; Lara Saunders. Just reading a disgusting debate on indymedia about some bloke called Matthew. For some reason my sister was bought in this conversation after she had died. One poster described her as "as mad as a hatter". Another commented that she "selfishly committed suicide without a thought for her dog". I am beyond angry at these comments. Lara's fiance died in front of her. She had severe mental health problems and was committed to a psychiatrist hospital and attended her future husbands funeral heavily sedated. She left her beloved dog Bonnie in the care of Duncan's parents. She travelled back home to her family (six of us) with her cat, which she left in our care. She was severely depressed and had no hope for any future without Duncan. She killed herself a few days later in York. Her beloved dog Bonnie died shortly after and they are both buried together next to our mum, who was heartbroken and died shortly afterwards at the age of 53. In the same graveyard is our little brother, who died suddenly 3 years ago. I hope you all have grown up a bit and will think twice about slagging off someone who has died and can't defend themselves. Remember she had a family that nearly fell apart after her death. If any one who remembers her (without making snide comments), please contact me at I especially would like to hear from the two people who made the above quoted comments. Regards, Lucy Reid.

Lucy Reid
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