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UG#736 -Why 9/11 Is Still The Issue (Understanding Institutional Silence on 911)

Robin Upton | 04.07.2016 08:02 | Anti-militarism | Social Struggles | Terror War | Sheffield | World

We begin with an excellent academic paper on the historical and legal matters surrounding 9/11. Amy Baker Benjamin asks why, given both any abundance of evidence, and ample historical precedent for the use of false flags to initiate wars, has the UN singularly failed to carry out any investigation into the US government's claims surrounding the events of Sep 11th? Any why does >99% of academic scholarship on the topic not tackle substantive issues such as who actually carried out 9/11 and on what grounds? In our second hour, we hear a recent interview with Chris Bollyn which connects more of the 9/11 dots, pointing the finger at Mossad.

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This week we examine how the "international community", i.e. the United Nations, has failed to fulfill its peacemaking role by examining rather than rubber stamping the extravagant claims made about Islamic terrorists. Our first our is a reading of most of a paper by law lecturer, Amy Baker Benjamin, on the topic of 9/11 - specifically why no one from the United Nations has ventured to investigate whether the truth of the US government's claims that it was carried out by 19 Muslim hijackers. Noting that the use of False Flag attacks used to be widely understood and discussed, especially as pretexts for "defensive" wars, she makes a number of historical parallels, such as with the Reichstag Fire and the Gleiwitz Indicent (Germany) and the Mukden incident (Japan) and the planned US Operation Northwoods (nixed by John F. Kennedy). As well as explaining how people are provided with downstream phenomena to study (i.e. frivolities), she highlights "fear and its handmaiden, corruption" as major motivations for why officials and academics have so far failed to carry out much in the way of serious study. How can such an easily corrupted system endure for long without a flip to outright tyranny? In our second hour, an interview from last month with 9/11 researcher Chris Bollyn provides fresh and remarkable details which support the theory that Mossad was involved with the Bush and Clinton families in global drug trafficking as well as in the events of September 11th, 2001, including the art students, the dancing israelis and the regular communication between Larry Silverstein and Benjamin Netenyahu.

Thanks to Bonnie Faulkner for the Chris Bollyn interview, from the highly recommended Guns And Butter.

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