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Calls grow for PCC Katy Bourne to Resign.‏

Matt Taylor | 24.06.2016 15:58 | Policing | South Coast

Has Katy Bourne over stepped the mark this time? It seems so. Calling the people she represents 'peasants' for voting Brexit, may herald the end for her, as it has for her mentor and hero, David Cameron.

Katy Bourne's Peasant Tweet
Katy Bourne's Peasant Tweet

Calls for Katy Bourne to resign are growing following a derogatory tweet, that the EU referendum is a 'Modern peasant's revolt'.

Having quickly deleted the offending tweet she tweeted another in her defense saying, "I'm a history major so its meant in that context i.e. the people have spoken, democracy and all that."

Already in serious trouble being under investigation by Sussex Police for electoral fraud, Katy Bourne risked falling out with once close allies over her EU stance.

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Maria Caulfield, Conservative MP for Lewes tweeted in response, "This peasant is very happy."

Henry Smith, MP for Crawley and a stanch supporter of Katy Bourne tweeted, "I'm very proud of the majority of #Crawley people who voted to leave the EU. Constituents have been patient but now their victory has come."

Labeled 'The Teflon Lady' because scandal after scandal has failed to stick, calls for her resignation are mounting.

•Tom Carman, "You need to resign."
•Matt Robinson, "Time to resign. King regards, Peasant."
•Leed Millard, "Perhaps the "peasants" need to find a replacement pcc that doesn't look down on the people they represent... Unacceptable."

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How long can Katy Bourne remain in office? Time is running out.


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